New Forum Format Sucks

The new forum format sucks. The old one was perfectly fine.
I agree, this format sucks! The color combo is terrible, very harsh on the eyes. The old format was a lot better.

dbear44 - Why not do  a search on this site for what you are looking for? All the old forum posts are here.
True, you can do a search within Audiogon, but if you are doing a general search on, say, yahoo or google and you get several pages of links then why bother. By the time you check out links on other forums- HiFi Engine, Polk, Audio Asylum, Audio Circle, Audio Review, etc then it's on to something else. The old forum has become invisible outside of Audiogon. I hope that this is only temporary and eventually the old links will be updated on the major search engines.
dbear44 - I did a Yahoo search and found appropriate threads on the new forum by including Audiogon in the search. Without including Audiogon, the only hit I got of your list in the first few pages was Audio Review.  None of your other examples came up. Search engines work by looking at sites on the Internet and then they index their contents. That may take some time, but I suspect they will catch up to the new site pretty quickly. I doubt the visibility of the new site will be much different than the old site over time.
I agree, sucks.  Fire the SOB that designed it and get someone who knows the community.