New Formats more software next year?

Will next year see a vast increase in the number of title available on the new formats?
From what I can gather SACD in particular is starting to get more support from the major record companies.
Or is it all still up in the air and will require another 3 or so years before new releases will automatically be available in hybrid form?

As an Audio fan who buys a lot of CD's,I've stayed away (despite being tempted) from a SACD player simply because I'd be limited to what I could buy in terms of software.
EMI has just made a bigger commitment to both SACD and DVD-A. That is the latest news I heard this week.
Yes ther will be piles.
Remember Sony controls lots of music.
SACD is very very good as long as its remastered properly.
It will be interesting to see. I think the Sacd format has an edge we sometimes forget need of copy protection as is used for talks and why pay for copy protection on the dvd-a? The sony is, from the last I read, cheaper for the record companies and like cd, higher production runs will bring lower prices....also the chips are already there for all in one players...someone is buying the apex 7701..correct me if I have the model wrong, the sign of things to come? Everthing players at 370US? The Sony dream machines are very affordable and a clever move by sony. Remember, if the players are there ,we, the public ,will not to have to worry about what format. They may all co-exist....Yes, very exciting times....and seasons' greetings to everyone from Nova Scotia. I'll toast everyone with a 98 Jost oaked michurinetz..Bluenose PS I'm not about to give up the roxan zerxes....long live vinyl
2001 has been a great year for SACD. New lables coming over to SACD every month and more studios mastering in the DSD format. This continues to show me SACD is alive and well. This week I received my Music Direct 2002 catalog, the amount of SACD has grown three fold from last year (four pages vs. one for DVD-A. Music Direct also has announced the start of production for the new Mobile Fidelity (bought by Music Direct) with the first three disks to be Patricia Barber: Cafe Blue, Modern Cool and Nightclub! all in SACD, I for one am very excited. This past month I got Wildchild Butler "Sho' Nuff", APO; Mark Levinson "Live Recordings at...", Red Rose Music; and Spyro Gyra "In Modern Times", Heads Up. I would hate not owning an SACD player and pass up these disks or the other fifty plus I own.
The old arguement that there is no software and no support from the industry just don't add up this year. A new excuse for sitting on the fence must be found soon if the nay sayers are going to continue believing waiting is right.
Are hybrid SACD's worth the money if you only have a CD player & not an SACD player. What is the difference in sound on a standard high-end two channel system using a multi-channel hybrid SACD vesus the normal hybrid SACD.