New Format

Does any one know if theres any new format in the near future?Over the years It seems to me the industry is going torwards small.Insted of cd's maybe some crazy little micro chip the size of your finger nail.I dont know ...Just a stupid question.
The new format is not tangible, it's so small you can't touch it, see it, clean it, or tweak it.
It's already here, it's the computer. Just hook your computer up to your rig for playback. Need more storage? Buy more memory.

The "new format" is included in both HD specs for video.
Both Blu Ray and HD-DVD include 24 bit, 192 sampling for uncompressed two and multi-channel audio.

This is due to the efforts of Bob Stuart of Meridian Audio.
As good as SACD is (it's all I'm buying at the moment), this format should be better.

Of course, We'll probably need to wait a year or two before HDMI 1.3 hardware and new software (i.e., music) is available.