New Focal Electra 1027Be

I heard these Speakers today and was very impressed. It's a smallish sized speaker with a very nice overall sound. It sounded so smooth that it made my N803s sound a bit harsh. The tweeter doesn't draw attention to itself, the midrange is detailed but not ruthlessly so and the bass is deep and tuneful not bloated but just about right.
I was planning to upgrade into used N802s, but I'm now seriously considering the 1027Be.

Has anyone else had a chance to hear these Speakers?

Tweeter/Sound Advice (in the US) has been carrying them since the beginning of the year, which makes them relatively easy to audition. I'm told that they're selling pretty good, they had 3-pairs in stock.
Trust your own ears thats the best test.Sterophile rated these very highly. Your ears are the best weapons you have.Usually your first gut feelings are best! Sometimes hearing other opions might make you question yourself. See if an area dealer will give you the option of a home demo ....In the past I have had dealers let me take home the store demo on Saturday evening and bring it back Monday morning. This way you have 36 hours to try it out....
I was very surprised by these speakers. Being a bit of a Francophobe, I hated to admit how good they sounded.

In the time I spent with them, which is admittedly limited, they did nothing to offend. You are right on about the tweeter not calling attention to itself.

In the right room they can be spectacular, but like Thorman said, trust your ears.
I have yet to hear them, but I do have the 927Be's. They are great and the 1027's are supposed to be even better. Almost like Alto's. My 927's sound real nice with all kinds of media. Of course, you need to see what sounds the best to you. But I am sure that they will be great.