New floor stand speakers

Hi. I am in the market for new floor stand speakers.

My local shop proposed the following: Crystal Minimissimo, Magico S1.5, or Wilson Sabrina.

I would drive the speakers with AR amps (ref 3+225).

My music tastes are wide (acoustic, jazz, soul, rock, classic) but I am looking for some impact. Also, I might want to connect my TV system as well.

Any thoughts on these speakers or possible alternatives? Thank you in advance
Reference 3a Grand Veena
Reference 3a Grand Veena
I would consider the Vivid Audio B1. I have v1.5s and would have b1 in a larger room. Vivid makes a great sounding speaker . Detailed and coherent. sounds like there is no box but dynamic.
Where are you located? There are 2 pairs of VMPS RM40 speakers for sale: one on the west coast and the other in the midwest. They are fantastic speakers that will not be outgrown no matter what ancillaries you put with them. Their used price is $2500. I know you said new, but this is a whole lot of good sounding speaker at a price of average monitors. If you like clarity without etch at all frequencies, dynamics, deep, clean bass, and as good of highs as you could want, plus a deep soundstage. I have a friend who comes over every few months and listens and is always amazed.
Does anybody have experience with the above speakers: Crystal Minimissimo, Magico S1.5, Wilson Sabrina?

I'm currently using Proac Response 4, which sund great but I am now looking for smaller size speakers, provided that sound is not compromised. Stand-mount could work too.