New Fleetwood Mac album, any opinions?

I just listened to the CD version today, and I was wondering what others out there were thinking about the quality of the recording and music.
This new CD certainly doesn't resemble anything the Mac did in the 70s. IMO this new CD is terrible. I couldn't get past the terrible music part of the CD to get to the recording quality. Too bad.

First they sang about how much they loved each other, then they sang about how much they hated each other, now they sing about how they used to feel about each other. Tusk was their last great album in my opinion.
It's lackluster in spots, alarmingly bad in others and transferred at high level. The occasional old timey tremolo is neat-o. The whole thing sounded better the second time I listened, skipping about 25% with the track button. Her tunes are better than his, but the lyrics suffer from low emotional impact/meaning all the way round. Cristine McVie is "additional personnel" no longer a regular member.

Got it for my wife on her b-day. She, a longtime fan, lacking the patience to skip past the losers is too disappointed by the scary loud parts to ever play it again.
I agree with Rockvirgo that this CD is lackluster. It is really a Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham combo-solo effort -(but with bad songs) - much like the last couple of Crosby, Stills and Nash discs. Mostly solo efforts on one disc. Christine McVie's vocals and songs are missed tremendously here. A couple of listens and you will Ebay it for a couple bucks or use it as coaster.
I like it. Very melodic. Did have to listen to it for a few days beofre settling in the groove....I love Buckingham's guitar playing, very versatile. Oh, well - JMHO. Bizcut1
Sucked! It's listed on Ebay right now.
I agree, it is awful. The quality of the music and recording is at best mediocre, and the preachy lyrics of many of the songs pulls the effort further down. I certainly nope this is the last of them!
I was all set to get the album when a friend brought it to another friend's house to audition. All three of us strongly nixed the CD for being non-involving and bland. To me it seemed that the group has lost its spontaneity and this album appeared to be a forced effort to recapture their past.
Rockvirgo nailed it. Highly disappointing.