New Firmware Out For Sony HAPZ1 And S1 HDD Players

New firmware is available for the Sony HAPZ1ES and S1 HDD Audio players.  New remote software as well.  If you don’t update, Gracenotes won’t work come April 1st. 
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Just updated mine, thanks for alerting us folks. 
I had hoped they would add Quboz support as Sony does work with them on other products.  I would like a Hi-Res option.  
...and Tidal support too as well as streaming from a NAS
Yes!  Adding Qobuz or Tidal capability will keep this unit relevant for some time in the future
Seriously Sony.. just add Qobuz and... give me the bonus of Roon capability.  

The player still sounds great, works great etc.  I was thinking they were ignoring it, but given they did do this recent update... come on.  Let's get Qobuz going.
Don’t hold your breath Dep14. I did and finally exhaled after playing with a Roon Nucleus. No going back, and after adding a Lumin D2 and a cheap SSD drive to my Nucleus, I get everything the Sony provides PLUS Tidal, Qobuz, and DSD upsampling. 

Who wants to buy my HAPZ1ES?
I just received my HAP-Z1ES a couple of days ago and love it. Oddly it came with the latest software installed and with a 2018/19 build date. I guess they are still making the unit. Hopefully, that means more updates are coming. Also note, the prices seem to be coming down a bit. I picked up my new, but "open box", unit from Amazon for $1200. Please let me know where you go for usage tips from other users. Thanks, J