new female vocalist-Melody Gardot

CD is called worriesome heart-- well recorded-very good to excellent vocal--music is a light jazz -light blues --very enjoyable and is at introductory price usually between 6-8 dollars--all original music--overall very good to excellent cd --happy listening--rich
Yeah, I picked this up at Barnes and Noble and was pleasantly surprised.

Definitely worth the cost of admission!
She has an interesting story about how she got into music. Also a nice album.
evidently she survived a serious auto accident and has some residual problems from it
She was interviewed on NPR was not her chosen path, but was suggested as therapy to help with her recovery from the accident. I agree with Ras422, the CD was well recorded and it is an excellent listen.
Um, and one of the songs is the free song of the week on iTunes this week. Pretty good.
Ras422...Thanks for the heads up! I stopped by and bought this on my way home last evening. Very nice. One of the BEST things on Audiogon is all the new music I have discovered because of posts like yours. THANKS AGAIN!!!