New Feature: the ' * ' thingy in the upper right

Click it to mark that page as one of your Audiogon bookmarks. Unlike "traditional" bookmarks, the * thingy will store on OUR computers instead of your browser. Thus, you will have them available from any computer anywhere, as long as you are logged in to Audiogon. Once this has been fully tested in the live mode, we will add a quick access link from within MyPage, something like "My Bookmarks". In the meantime, try it out and see how it works. Please note that we may have to "reset" everyone's bookmarks after initial testing, but we hope not.
Thanks Audiogon. You can bet your asterisk that this is a very useful feature.
That should be wonderful...

Already appreciate the changes allowing better access to my forum history, as well. However, I have noticed that the display of # of threads described as "Initiated" is incorrect - several threads I initiated appear within the total # under the response catagory. Just a glitch with mine, or the system in general? Also, the posts listed under the catagorized archives are not chronologically order by most recent activity when the come up. Keep up the good work!

P.S. - BTW, I've recently noticed that a few posts have managed to contain text with things like italics and bold print. I didn't know this could be done - is it just a matter of the computer one uses (or doesn't know how to fully use?!), or is this dependent on the site? I'd love to be able express myself *without* resorting to those < !
very good!

Thanks Guys:

Like the new feature. I am going to use it all during the month next month when during that time, I am going to up the ante in my search for a Sony DVP-S9000ES DVD/CD/SACD Player. So far, I have seen several of them here on Audiogon. And I am going to keep a serious watch on all of the DVP-9000s that appear here in Audiogon over the next month and a half. Of all of the ones I've seen so far, I have every reason to believe that one of them will be mine. But in the meantime, I am going to use the "*" to keep track of the ones that will be on sale here. Afterwards, about two weeks before I make my purchase, I am going to start contacting some sellers then. And this "*" feature is going to make that task a WHOLE LOT easier.

Thanks Audiogon.......

Charles, thanks for the example of usage. That's the mark of a true Gon'er - flick that new switch a couple of times to see how and when you might use it :)
Zaikesman, looks like there was a glitch, in terms of the "threads initiated" count. Should be fixed now.

As for the sort order in the Forum History:

When looking at someone ELSE's forum participation (click on a Username), we thought it would be useful to quickly see where that member stands in relation to "common" or "hot" topics. Thus, the threads are sorted by the most number of posts first.

When looking at your OWN forum participation (click the "My Threads X days" link), you will see the threads sorted by the latest activity first.

This is a change from before, where the display was the same whether you were looking at someone else's forum history or your own.

As for the fancy font work, members are doing that right now with "html", learned from various places. We are about to add a feature to make it a little easier to quote people and to include links. But we will be eliminating the html stuff because people can get carried away, or worse, mess up the entire page with poorly structured html codes.

NOTE TO READERS: this particular post is NOT refering to the * thingy, but a previous update.
Great new tool for bookmarking pages/items, nice going Agon.
I browse your site, generally daily. One frustration is that it appears to be too popular ! Specifically in the classifieds arena. During a day I estimate that hundreds of items are added. So to my suggestion. Break down the classifieds by equipment type (like you have with music).

Thanks for continuing to develop this site.
This seems like a great feature but I keep looking over my shoulder. Am I paranoid or is everyone out to get me. I thought perfect paranoia was perfect awareness but now I'm not sure.
OK I marked a couple of threads; seems like a great idea. Can't test this new feature as yet though since 'my bookmarks" hasn't appeared yet. This is great because the only other way to previously earmark a thread was to post into it.
Will there also be a method to "unmark" threads from our own history files, once 'marked'? Should be able to do this.
Bob_bundus, you can view all of your bookmarks by clicking on the asterisk at any time. If that page is already in your bookmarks, it won't add again - it will just list all of your bookmarks. When viewing your list of bookmarks, you can edit or remove each one. We will indeed add a link "My Bookmarks" within MyPage, but it is not necessary to start there first. The bookmarks can be accessed from anywhere you see the asterisk.
New idea, but one that I've wished for quite a while now :

The ability to perform defined searches only among one's own archived threads, as opposed to all thread on Audiogon. Call it "Search My Threads". Any chance here?...