New favorite VINYL Album?

Wolfgang Amadeus by PHOENIX great sounding, fantastic music, highly recomended. my new favorite vinyl album.
Dear friends: Maybe is already in the thread.

I never been a Keith Jarrett's fan but his ECM pressing double album : The Kóln Concert is IMHO a must to have/hear, just splendid!

Regards and enjoy the music,
The BLACK KEYS's "EL CAMINO", The DECEMBERISTS's "LONG LIVE THE KING", WILCO"S "HOLE LOT of LOVE" and maybe the best album of the year, in my opinion, Robbie Roberts's "HOW TO BE CLAIRVOYANT".
Bad Lieutenant's "Never Cry Another Tear". Bought this album a while back by accident. Few months ago got around to listening to it. I can't stop! If you like pop this is it. Better then any Joy Division or New Order album that I ever heard. Absolute winner. Buy the vinyl double album version. You will be thrilled you did. Sides 1 and 2 right out of the gate. Sides 3 and 4, two spins or so and you are hooked. 
Jenny Lewis's "the Voyager" and "Rabbit Fur Coat"albums. Aditionally Courtney Barrnett's "sometimes i sit and think, and sometimes i just sit.". Two great relatively recent female artists. Three great albums. ***** in my book!
I'm just say'in ✌️🖖