New experiment with Magnetics technologies - High Fidelity Audio cables various pieces

This I feel is a very worth wild venture so far .  This company when it first. Started out was               Virtual Dynamics .Rick Schultz  has been into this for a long time. Made a very good cable.
he closed that company around 2009, and started High Fidelity cables In 2012. Some or should I say most products are expensive  for the average Audiophile, Thst being said I chose a  few low priced 
ones such as the MC-1 pro line conditioner yes you plug it in on the wall with your line conditioner or cable terminal. it takes several hundred hours or more to fully runin .i heard one at a friends it was totally impressive .i have been doing this 
for over 40 years and not too much impresses me anymore . This magnetic technology is like an electron microscope .it works by taken progressive magnets and focusing the electrical signal to center
of the conductor like a beam, standard signals look is a bit hazy looking, with this mc-1 pro it takes it one step further it has small capacitors hat help to amplify the signal further . Itbuilds up the magnetic fields throughout the cable and dramatically lower the noise floor .music sounded much more real. At present my unit is just starting to run in .$1600 retail
the next product works with your interconnect RCA adapters which have magnets  thatwork as a wave guide one set from sourse, then set 2 to the preamp , everything is better focused ,again you need to be patient for these a 100 hours to get a good % of runin for $550 a no brainer  . My old line conditioner I removed and bought their entry level m6 line magnetics box retail $995 + a good power cord ,I built a nice Furutech power cord .this systemwithout the system robbing surge mov in circuit . This box too helps to amplify the focusing of the magnetic fields . I will be writing a review on this from the results in my system in  the next few weeks . For under $3k to easily beat any one item in the chain even at 3x this cost is very impressive from my brief experiences with it. be objective ,for none of us knows Everything . I will give you my results in a few weeks.