new Eva Cassidy "Somewhere"

I just picked up the latest Eva Cassidy cd, "Somewhere". As with all of her previous albums, I am completely spellbound by her incredible voice. While this is cd does not have the strongest collection of songs it still highlights her beautiful voice. A must for any Eva Cassidy fan.
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Pleased to hear this. Been wondering if I should get it.
I didn't realize there was any unreleased material. Interesting.
a great collection, worthy of her legacy.
I am an Eva Cassidy fan and was looking forward to this release. However, I was disappointed. Not as good as some of her previous CDs. Also, some of the tracks are posthumous reconstructions and completions and not entirely authentic.
Eva Cassidy died in 1996. Are you sure this is a new cd?
Doug_kraz, what I should have said a new release with some obviously previously unreleased material.
Unfortunately "unreleased" material was unreleased for a reason. True for everyone, not just Eva. I hope that someone doesn't buy this CD before hearing her other work.
I think i remember hearing that there was some music found not too long ago and probably put together to make some $$$..Eva had an uncanny ability to pur her sole into all her music..Unfortunetly the recordings ( from what I have heard ) aren't anywhere near as good as the Performance...
I am listening to this cd right now and as I said in my original post, this is definitely not her finest work. For the first time Eva fan I would recommend American Tune or Imagine or Songbird. That being said, this cd is not horrible. There are some highlights. Again, a good cd for the true Eva fan.
the tracks were not released because(at the time) it was felt they were not m.o.r. fare, and were a bit out of the ordinary for the fans that were into her softer side. her r&b chops were spectacular, and these recordings really show off her versatility. the lp is coming too.
As I understand it there are two compilation albums, Songbird and Wonderful World, which would probably be best for someone who just wanted to sample.

I avoided these and a while ago bought Live at Blues Alley, Time After Time and Imagine.

Having enjoyed these three greatly--what a unique voice!, I figured I'd pick up Eva by Heart and American Tune at the same time as when Somewhere came out, which obviously it just has.

So is the consensus that Somewhere is only for the absolute completist, or would it still be worthwhile for an enthusiast?
it certainly won't disappoint. the title tune alone is among her best.
Got this cd, and would not say it is at the same standard as her others, but a few tracks make it well worth while!
On that basis, i would highly recommend it.
Unfortunately, my CD has a slight skip/imperfection (fraction of a second) at about 1min 30sec into the track "a bold young farmer", which i would say is a one of the standout track. Is this in the recording?
Anyone else notice this?
Replaced the CD at the store. Same thing on the new one. 1min 35 seconds into the song, there is a flaw.
Listened to "Somewhere" last night, and agree with much of what has been said in this thread so far. The people who compiled this were certainly scouring the archives. Still, it is Eva C. I don't think the song choices showed off her vocal talents as much as on some other recordings. And, for my taste, I wouldn't have minded a couple more ballads thrown into the mix. (Though, in fact, this disc probably represents just about everything out there that was, up to this point, unreleased...)

Of the six CDs (i.e. non compilations), I would have to rank this #6, but like other people have said, if you like EC you probably want to have this disc nonetheless.
After further listening, I think: (a) there aren't as many really great songs (music + lyrics) on this CD as on her others; (b) the play-order of the tracks is not the best (if my CDP had a random button I'd be tempted to push it); and (c) there aren't really any slow-tempo ballads, one of EC's particular fortes. But it's still EC.