New Eva Cassidy 180 gr

It's likely too early because they were just released, but has anyone heard these. I have a previous release of Songbird, and am very happy with the pressing. Songbird has many songs from both Eva by Heart, and Live at blues alley. Frankly, I wish they would just release Live at Blues Alley, but neither it or EBH was ever released on vinyl. As good as Songbird is, there is still some great songs from Blues Alley not on there. Anyway, I love her music so hopefully these are good pressings.
I have the cd's and there is a slight brightness when she hits the high notes. I think this may be on the tapes. If the records don't have this problem I will buy them.
I have the Cd's and there is a LOT of shrillness on high notes. Never heard her live.
Eva and Chuck Brown is also a great CD that I would welcome to see on vinyl.
Never heard that one. She was rather timid on stage, and liked performing with Chuck. I guess the big labels wanted her, but they couldn't pigeon hole her in to a genre. Plus she was more of a laid back, nothing fancy type girl. There's a documentary about her on You Tube. Pretty cool watch!
Is the master digital or analog?
Excellent point-was wondering myself. Checked the AS website, and there is a short write up on the BOX SET. It makes no mention if any digital was used.
I just obtained the answer, and it's a digital source. I may sell out for this one, because the music is so good. At least one (-:
Fjn, You really ought to seek out the CD "The Other Side", with Eva and Chuck Brown, if indeed you have never heard it. They do mostly standards, but their interpretation is very fresh. The album rivals similar collaborative efforts done by Ray Charles and Betty Carter and even the work of Ella and Louis. It was cut in 1992, but sadly never on LP. You evidently know how transcendent was Eva's voice. Chuck Brown had a wonderful baritone voice and a soulfulness that mixes so well with Eva's ethereal quality.