New Esoteric D-07 DAC not a D-07X

Happy Holidays all,

I have the opportunity to pick up this DAC for approx. 1/3 retail, it will be used with a SACD player and computer audio. I know this is not the latest technology for the price it is a very nice DAC, or should I look at the latest technology? I am just venturing into computer audio, but have many CD's.

Thank you,
A few months ago I purchased a new Esoteric D-07 w/OEM warranty at 1/2 retail. I have no regrets and couldn't be happier.

The D07 was a good but not great dac, even at 1/3 price you can still do better for not much more money.

The Chord Qute HD sounds better $1,900.00

The Auralic Vega is way better, $3,500.00