new equipment power conditioner or more powerful amp?

I have around 1-2 grand to use for my stereo. I live in an old 1960 house. I can purchase a more powerful
integrated such as the Rogue Pharaoh, or 'a conditoner like PS audio power plant (used). 
My system has a Rogue Sphinx, apollo cd, Aurum Cantas V3M, with good quality cables. 
My room is 11' by 12'  8' high. 
Thanks for your thoughts.
Merry, I'll say it first. What do you hope to accomplish?
I want to get the best sound from my speakers. 
Probably not the direction you’re thinking of but you already have a nice system. Maybe look at dedicated circuits and get some Hubbell Porter Port Outlets sold here, some aftermarket Pangea Power Cords if you’re using the stock cords then if you have anything left, go to the Bluesound website, go to shop/outlet and buy a refurbished Node 2 for $299 with a subscription to Tidal/hifi and enjoy new music.
I would add a dedicated line first. It shouldn't cost very much, either.
To get the best sound from your system you need to:
Get Jim Smith's book Get Better Sound,
Follow the instructions,
Dial-in your setup,
Apply room treatments where necessary,
Enjoy your much-improved sounding system.
The room and setup will contribute AT LEAST half of what you will hear.

Agree, tweak the system setup and then the room. 

For $1-2k you could buy enough Blue Quantum Fuses, ECTs and HFTs to have your system performing on a level far beyond anything you could get from any new amp on the market. This stuff is seriously transforming, most of it you can try 30 days and return if you don't like it, and best of all you buy it once and use it everywhere forever from then on.
My 2 cents... improve your power by installing dedicated AC lines; cleaner power which will provide a lower noise floor.
Next would be room treatments, they don't have to be expensive. Then you'll hear the true sound of your current system.

Spend about $120 on a Furman power strip like this one:

And the rest on room acoustics.

GIK Acoustics and Michael Greene Audio are good places to start.

I 2nd-3rd-4th the ideas of room treatment and a dedicated line.
Check out ATS Acoustics online if your wish to DIY room treatments. Not difficult to make room absorption panels and relatively inexpensive.

Lots of info on both topics herein on this forum.

I believe in quality of power, not quantity. Not likely you need a new amp, considering power only.
I have a nice system also, but don't have dedicated lines, power conditioning, receptacles or room treatments (although I think my power and room are ok).  I don't have a particular area I can look at (listen to) and say it definitely needs improvement.  Not sure if you have done so already, but I am way behind the eight ball in terms of music streaming, internet radio, and the like.  I am waiting for an updated Sonos Connect to come out.  I believe the other streamers have surpassed the Sonos in fidelity, but I want to wait as I believe the Sonos is easiest to use.
I agree with those that suggest one or two dedicated AC lines along with some of the many good quality duplex outlets, assuming you don't already have them in use. 
One more thought, if you are interested in adding power conditing to your system you might consider the Equi=Core 1800/Core Power Technologies which is balanced power. Walter of has purchased the rights to this product and I received a sales flyer saying that he has five of these units available at a sale price of $1399 I believe. I've owned this product for several years (since its development) and for the price I recommend it.