new equip storage

I have purchased new top line equipment for a new house that is set back many months. The problem is that I live in Buffalo,NY and we recently were hit with a storm and flooding. I saved the equipment but have no room in my present house for storage. Can I store the equipment in my new home that is being built, as long as it is in a dry dust free area that has no heat. Because of construction and what has happpened here, Heat will not be installed until Feb (worst senerio). Will it be ok in the cold as long as it is dry and clean? Are there temp limits?

We are talking about amps, pre-amps, turntable, dvd, monster surge protector units, 63" TV, speakers, about @ $30m.
risk of theft??? hard freeze not good for capacitors, risk of oxidation/rust of voice coils, other metalic internal components(?) Condensation inside equipment boxes/bags etc. with weather/temp changes etc.
I agree w/ higgens. I think a good short term solution, cost-effective considering the value of your investment, would be to rent a temperature-controlled secure personal storage space near your new house for a few months until you can install it permanently.
I say just store it at your new house. What is the address of the new house. :)

All joking aside I agree with the climate controlled storage unit idea.
Wow, $30 million? That must be one HELL of a system! Go ahead and store the system in the new house. Give me the address and I'll "keep an eye on it" for ya. Just kidding, of course. *Definitely* get some temp-controlled storage until the house has a working HVAC system.
Million? Thousand?

Brings up a pet peeve....

I can't understand why media always denote millions- let's say $30,000,000 - as $30M.

M is one thousand. MM is 1000 x 1000 or 1 million. So really, $30,000,000 should be annotated as $30MM. $30,000 should be $30M.

So, who came up with the now accepted single M to denote a million when describing currency, etc?- and can I get a bag of what they were smoking?