New Enya Album

Just released "a day without rain" for high quality real audio clip of every song here is the site: Similar to past albums which is not a bad thing, but I like when artists branch out and try new things. I will buy and add to my collection. I would like to see Enya explore more creative areas and add more variety to sound pallette......what do other Enya fans think?
My wife found out about the new Enya release before me and won't let me buy it 'cuz it's going to be a present. Even though her last release was mostly previously released music, I loved it for the title track alone-- "Paint the Sky with Stars"-- which was a new song. Soaring and beautiful. Yeah, I would like to see her get even more creative too-- she has much to offer. Cheers. Craig.
I'll check out the new album. Of all her albums I prefer Watermark. In my opinion, In Memory of Trees, was a let-down. It sounded, to me, like a collection of music made for tv commercials. And I do agree that it would be nice if she branched out; maybe some raggae or techno - just kidding.
'common, u really think enya is capable of a "new sound"? enjoy her for what she is; if nothing else, she should be applauded for the work she puts into her stuff, all the overdubbing and celtic lyrics. BTW garfish, "paint the sky w/ stars" was not original on the cd/lp of the same name.
garfish: i apologize. you were right. "paint the sky" did come out first on the us cd. it's also on the australian 3 cd box set called "a box of dreams." i thought the austrailian box preceded the us cd. it didn't. i do, BTW, highly recommend a box of dreams. it's a bit pricy (check out cdnow and other online discounters) but has better overall sound quality, IMO, than the us pressings of the same tunes. the german (or is it dutch?) lp pressing of paint the stars is also worth having.
After listening to whole album, this is worth buying. As is typical with Enya a couple tracks are instrumental pieces. No new ground broken here, "shepard moon" remains best album to date followed by "watermark". Sound quality of new album is same high quality as past albums.
Was Enya a member of Clannad or the Chieftains before Hollywood introduced her to elevators?
Enya was member of Clannad for 2 years, which also had her brother and sister as members. She left the group to do soundtrack for BBC documentry called "The Celts" which later became her first album.