New EMM LABS transport

Lets hear from owners of the new transport. How do you like it? Notice much differance in sound from the Philips 1000? If so, can you describe?
Hope this isn't premature as it started shipping 3 or 4 weeks ago. I sure would like to hear your first impressions.
Who said it started shipping 3 weeks ago? Not true. It will be a while before people are able to respond. The first shipment went out this past week.
Please accept our invitation to audition it for yourself.
We are having a full multichannel seminar at our new store in Southwest Virginia, Smith Mountain Sound and Cinema, on August the 25th-28th. We will be showing the full line up of Meitner along with some other amazing new products. Phillip O'hanlin, the EMM distributor ,will be present to demo and answer any questions you may have about the products. The environment will be a complete ground up construction featuring dedicated electrical and acoustical design done by Bob McClellan from HCC. This will be one of the most acoustically sound environments of it's kind anywhere. SMSC will be offering all types of ground up build outs and services beginning immediatly after the Grand Opening. If you are near enough we encourage you to try and attend these seminars. They are open to everyone who is available to visit.
We will have our demo systems setup in a dedicated control room that houses all the components in a completely isolated environment. Dedicated AC Service with all distribution occuring within 20 feet of the service will supply 5 complete systems. All systems will be completely independent from one another allowing for truly independent evaluation of each setup. This will enable the listener full availability to mutiple systems for evaluation.
Please attend if possible. Call 15407211375 for more details.
My understanding is that the new transport is a significant step up in performance from the provisional Phillips transport.
I should add that I just had a newsflash this morning from one of the lucky people to receive the transport, who says the performance is far superior to the Phillips.
Which is interesting, as the new transport still uses a Phillips mechanism, no? Seems a lot of scratch for a transport...
It is a lot. But I believe it uses the latest transport.
just hooked it up and right out of the box seems to be more

refined lower noise floor darker background more details

more musical than the phillips or maybe its just my

immagination in reality whats the difference if i perceive

these improvements thats all that matters
Ted, Thanks for your impressions. Please keep us posted as you have more time with it.
Thanks, Frank
For someone like myself who wants to go with the emm labs DCC2, I am considering buying a used emm labs Phillips SACD1000 (prices range 1500-1695) vs. the new emm labs CDSD. Other than eventual failure of the used emm labs SACD1000, can anyone comment on definite advantages spending the extra 5500 dollars or so up front for the new CDSD ?
I would say for insurance purposes (Philips failures) at least you know you can get the CDSD fixed if something goes wrong.

Pretty soon the cost will add up to what it cost to buy a new CDSD. Plus the time of being with out the Meitner optical transport if something went wrong. With all the failures (although mine never gave me problems) it was an easy decision to make the switch.

I hope the person who I sold my Philips to has the same performance with it as I did.

The new transport is a significant improvement over the Phillips, even straight out of the box. Just received mine.
It was immediately obvious on the Naxos Bruckner 9th that the transport achieves a level of resolution that the Phillips does not. The shimmering strings emerge from a blacker background and with a clarity that was formerly not present, at least to that degree. The brass orchestral sections pack an immense wallop and are more clearly delineated. The bass is much improved.
This is also apparent on Cyrus Chestnut's "You are my Sunshine," where the piano reaches stygian levels of bass with far more decay than the Phillips supplied. In addition, the drums have dynamics and slam that was not present previously.
Similarly, a cut on one of my other favorite CDs, Snoop Dogg's "baby boy," track two, "Just A Man," attains unprecedented levels of clarity; where some lines had been previously somewhat obscure, they are now easy to follow.
In sum, the new transport offers a much smoother, fuller, more detailed, and dynamic presentation.
Gladstone: You had me until Snoop Dogg? :)
It's a marvelous CD. For about a minute! After that...
Gladstone: How 'bout any Eminem on the CDSD ?
Thom_y: Believe it or not, Nelly sounds great :)
I love Snoop Dogy Dog. Great sound quality. Remember an audiophile is in search of perfect sound. We can have fun doing it. You should try playing some Rafi for children on your hifi. Amazing.
I think I read a review in the Post or Times that described Snoop Dogs CD as stygian. I believe it said egregiously so, but stygian nonetheless.