New Elvis Costello- Analog Masters?

Anybody know if "The Delivery Man" LP is from analog tape? If so, I hope to buy it; if not, probably will get the CD so I can play it in the car...Thanks, Spencer
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I don't know, but my aim is true LP sounds MUCH better than the CD. You can always copy it onto CD.
Elvis is playing on David Letterman in a matter of minutes. This is Wednesday evening in case you see this at a later date : ) Sean
I don't know ... but it is released by Lost Highway Records, and you can e-mail them with the question. Here's the e-mail addy:

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I agree. Armed Forces is also killer on vinyl.

Sean, thanks, but I missed it!

Paul, thanks--I just passed the question to them. If I get an answer, I post it...Cheers,
Spencer, that made me pull out my armed forces LP and play it!

Green shirt rocks! Never really appreciated that song until now..Cheers,

I talked with a gentleman from Lost Highway Records who told me that he would suggest the LP. It was recorded on tape, but was then saved to digital. Regardless, the tapes were mastered specifically for the LP, which is double 180 gram w/ gatefold & 2 songs not on the CD.
Pretty cool...Cheers,

i have both the cd and lps. the vinyl is a great improvement. i bought the cd 1st, which sounded ok in the car, but not on my naim cd5. my girlfriend came in the room and asked "is that the new one"? and then said " it sounds terrible; like a copy of a copy.," i agreed so i popped for the album(s) and now my girlfriend likes me again.

btw the cd of the other new costello is quite nice sonically; and is brilliant musically.