New Elac Argo Powered Series is coming soon ! $$$ Real Game Changer

The Argo Powered Series is coming soon and will be a real game changer!🤗
So I find it interesting that I provided the same link in another thread, and this discussion shows up with the same link. I did some more research and found out that there were several threads started on agon regarding Elac Adantes that have been removed. There is definitely something rotten in the state of Denmark.

Secondly, exactly what is the 'game changing' aspect of these speakers? Many companies have been doing active versions, KEF has successfully added amps, DSP, DAC and streamer in an already award-winning formula. Exactly, how is the OP declaring these as a 'real game changer' without hearing them personally?

I was seriously considering the Elacs but I am almost sure there is something going on behind these threads. I, for sure, will be taking my money elsewhere.
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As prices have skyrocketted for more traditional setups I think the innate superiority of active speakers will become the norm for all but the very richest and deafest.  I was just thinking yesterday that I probably won't buy any more home audio speakers.  I'm ready to completely move to active pro speakers.  I've already got some active ATCs and they're great.  I was looking at what you can get in studio monitors and I just don't see myself trying to match something like the Focal SM9 in a home speaker/amp situation.  It'd probably cost 3 times as much or more.  The bass wouldn't be as good, and it'd be a big bulky setup that I wouldn't want to deal with.  I'm glad to see home audio companies continue to test the market for actives.  The kef LS50 seems to have been a success and I hope these are too. 
Now we can have our cake and eat it too!😉 $$$ 🤑

Feedback from the CES Show on the Elac Argo speakers!😨 Coming on the market as soon as June 2018!

Elec has a long-term plan to take over the world.

First they lure Andrew Jones away from Pioneer/TAD.

Then they launch budget, semi-budget, and then the Adante speakers.

Meanwhile, they buy/take over Audio Alchemy.

Then--hey presto--the next new speaker line will be powered.  Challenging Dynaudio, if you ask me.

I prefer non powered speakers for home stuff (I do live concert sound and for that I often use powered speakers) as I like to change amps sometimes. And who hides a single ended tube amp inside a speaker? Nobody. Actually, a selling point for all discreet outboard amps is that they're NOT in a speaker. Sort of like having your cake where you can see it.
Active speakers are better than non-powered speakers, no matter what amp you use with them!😉 But Many buy non-powered speakers because they can not afford high-priced powered reference speakers! 🤬

Elac is making powered speakers much more affordable now!🤑🤗