New Eggleston Works "The Nine" speaker

Does anyone know anything about this new speaker?
EgglestonWorks pdf brochure:

" A s b r a n d s e v o l v e ,
the expectation is for each successive model to
surpass the model before. The EgglestonWorks line
is no exception to this lofty expectation. In fact,
EGG.WORKS exemplifies a keen ability to improve
upon designs that are already considered state-ofthe-
art. However, year after year, the EGG.WORKS
design team accomplishes this very daunting task.
This is done through careful analysis of previous
design ideas as well as completely new thinking. The
combination of re-evaluation and re-invention has
proven invaluable in the creation of the company’s
eight highly acclaimed and award-winning products.
So, it was with the latest speaker system that the
design team looked again to the past and the future
to find inspiration. Though the inspiration came from
different sources, the focus was singular: to continue
the tradition of quality products and again raise the
bar for the rest of the industry.
To that end, we excitedly introduce t h e n i n e .
The latest EGG.WORKS creation.

S p e c i f i c a t i o n s
· Frequency response is from -3dB @
27 Hz to well beyond 24,000 Hz
· Efficiency is 88dB
· Impedance is 8 Ohms, nominal.
Minimum impedance is 5.6 Ohms
· Tweeter: One 1” cloth dome
· Mid-bass: Two 6” polypropylene,
double-magnet drivers
· Bass: One 8” woofer in a
dual-ported enclosure
· Footprint is 11” X 16”
the height is 43 1/2”
· 120 pounds per loudspeaker"

It's like Fontaine II + 8" woofer.
I heard this speaker paired with Rogue equipment at the home electronics show in nyc yesterday... I thought it was one of the best sounding rooms in the entire show...