new eagles album

The eagles have a new album coming out next week, anyone else excited about this
its been at walmart on cd for some time...and sorry to report, its as generic as most new country music
Hard to believe the Eagles would put out a bad album. Hasn't every one of them been bad since their first lp???



I agree with Nate and Jay, a sad half hearted pop country collection of crap............their wings were clipped years ago.
Nrchy - are you kidding?

Sonically, live "Hell Freezes Over" is amazing.

Songs on "Desperado" are great - as with other albums.

Curious where you're coming from.
I think there entire body of work was pretty impressive. Some just like to disparage acts that have huge commercial success. I haven't heard the new album but would not be surprised if it falls short of the original recordings. It's difficult to stay fresh after 35 years.
I will be seeing them tomorrow night in L.A., and I understand they will be performing some songs from the new album.
My favorites are all of them up to Hotel California.. after that is was all over. Desperado is the best. Some gems on the 1st one besides the hits, "Take the Devil", "Train Leave Here This Morning", "Early Bird".
On the Border is o.k., My all time fave's are:
Outlaw Man
One of these Nights
Doolin Dalton
I wouldn't bother with the new one.
Desperado is the best<<


Beginning to end this is their most consistent and best album. Bernie Leadon's guitar and banjo work is awesome.

The photograph on the back with JD Souther and Jackson Browne is a hoot.
Eagles songs are very hard to get out of your head. The Eagles were the only thing that really bothered The Dude in The Big Lebowski. Be careful. That said, I have a nice DCC pressing of Hotel California.
i loved the eagles, poco, flying burritos, ISB, mason name it, but the new eagles is very much like all the other generic sounding country rock records. same with the new fogerty........the new richie furray however would stand next to any of the above mentioned artists best efforts......
"On the Border" is an album that belongs in everyone's collection.'
Jaybo: What's the title of the new Richie Furray album that you like so much? I'd like to see if I can get a copy of it. Thanks.
OMG! Someone remembers Mason Profit!
Dgarretson you're right....hey "The Dude abides".... many of us take comfort in that. When I heard The Dude say that about the Eagles I had to reassess my own liking of them...loL
ritchie furray-heartbeat of love.......its cd only, but it is the best thing since 'good feelin' to know'.....still, young and others are on it too, but this is ritchie's show, and you'll get the same grin those classic recordings gave us oh man can that guy sing.