New E.A.T. small signal tubes

Anyone have experience with these? Are they worth the price?
I just had two EAT ECC803 for a trial.
IMO very good tubes. In direct comparision with Telefunken 12AX7 smoth plates I prefer the EAT.
EAT - more dynamnic, more detailed top end, great midrange.
Telefunken - more 3D soundstage.
Thanks for the feed back. What are their tonal character? Anyone else tried them?
They are very neutral and musical. I use a pair off ECC803 with Primaluna prologue Two and they make a huge improvement to the supplied 12AX7 valves (Chinese, I think).
Now the sound has a much more refinement and musical character. They are better extended at highs, with much more information. The original valves are a bit congested in the mid to the highs, what make it a little aggressive in some records. Now, the mids are clear and smooth.
Bass is different too. I would say it has a better tonal balance.
They are expensive, but once you customize to the better sound, you don't want go back.
I own 2 pairs. Everyone I know that has tried them has also bought more.

Thanks for the replies. I'm using NOS tubes in my preamp now. I will give them a try next time I need a set.