New Dynavector SUP 200

Has anyone heard the new Dynavector SUP-200? Comments?
Looks like a nice unit.
Haven't heard it, but needs to be good at an RRP of $2650.
I have it now for about 6 months. However, I can only compare it to Ortofon T100 which I also own. Basically, it has similar big,full smooth midrange like T100 but is more dynamic.
Bass is faster, tighter, not quite so fat or a bit sluggish like T100. It certainly works well with Dyna XV-1s and Koetsu cartridge that I have.
I heard it for just a couple hours, and loved it. Was being used with a Dynavector xv1s and EMT 6? I think.
Gorgeous. I want one. Comes from Dynavector Japan, not Australia, where the P-75 comes from. It's on my list!
Suteetat could you please tell us which Koetsu you have and how well it works together with the SUP200 as i am looking for a step up for a Koetsu Coralstone.
Have you any knowledge of other similar step up's that works well with the Koetsues.
Thastum, I used mine with Coralstone as well. I only have Dyna DV 6A, Lyra Arion, Ortofon T100 and SUP200 to compare only. I am not sure what other SUT would work well with Coralstone though.
Thastum, I just saw that you use Aesthetix Io Eclipse. I think
that SUP200 may not be ideal. The Io with third stage removed, will give you 50 dB of gain. With 26dB from SUP200, that's 76 dB of gain for 0.3 mV
Suteetat, My Aesthetix is the one with volumencontrol so i cannot remove the third gain but i use the volumencontrol to match the gain to the preamp (First sound )
I tried the Kondo KSL (40 ohm input) and i worked very well all though a little bit to bright, maybee the 30 ohm is correct impedans but the price of the unit is too much for me., I hope soon to try their new copper version which is ½ price of the KSL.
Have you heard the Choir Audio H7, Bobs Device Cinemag 1131 or Music First Audio which is very versaile. All tree possibel candidates for the Koetsu.
The Koetsu is recomended for 30 ohm but is that from a SUT or a electrical upamp? I am told that there is a big differance !
Thastu, unfortunately, I have not tried any of the SUTs that you mentioned. I tried running Koetsu directly into Aesthetix Io Eclipse as well as using Dynavector SUP200/Lamm LP2 and there is definitely no trace of brightness with SUP200/Lamm combination in comparison to AEsthetix. However, I did not try SUP200 with Aesthetix as mine does not have volume control so 76 dB of gain is a bit much for all of my cartridges so far. However, I have been having some interesting result using Air Tight PC-1 supreme/Dyna DV-6A SUT/Aesthetix without third stage but I am not sure if I like that better than Aesthetix without SUT yet.
Dear Thastu,

The Koetsu is recommended for 30 Ohm load directly into MC phono input (the right load should probably be 100 Ohm). Recommended load via step-up transformer is around self-impedance of the cartridge coils. So, you must adjust the Kondo KSL on 3 Ohm input - it is close to the Koetsu inner impedans of 5 Ohm.

Happy listening!