New Dynaudio Heritage Special..?..!

Does anyone know anything about these speakers?
just launched last week.
only 2500 made. $7000 or so in US.
Looks like an old Contour, but has all the components of the Confidence.
sounds like the ultimate monitor.

I have Special 40s and now am envious..😉

anyone hear anything?


those Luxman units really are eye candy :)


@tom6897, it's interesting you mention CODA...I should be getting a CODA integrated around March/April, if you're interested I can pass along my thoughts after hearing the combo. 

@samgupta101 sure! I would like to know what you think about the CODA. I have been enjoying my CODA system for the last five plus years. I hardly ever think about upgrading the CSX amp, it is that good, but still enjoy looking from time time.

@tom6897 -- sounds good I'll let you know how the CODA integrated pairs with the HS speakers.  It's great to know you have been really happy with your CODA setup and that's it's been in place for so many years.  I'm hoping this will be an endgame piece for me :)

Getting to this thread late. That somebody can compare these Heritage specials to the Confidence 3's is both great to hear and high praise! Having started with Contour 1.8's, then 2.8's - which had the Confidence Esotar tweeter - the sonic value of their upscale tweeter was so obvious. I picked up a pair of Confidence 3's and, ohmystarsandgarters!, the relaxed precision, imaging, detail and tonal density was gobsmacking. Loading them up with a lot of juice - current and power - using a Plinius SA201 let them sing at any volume. Never would have sold them except that a financial downturn made it necessary.

I've been rebuilding and swimming in the warm sea of tube powered more efficient speakers with Leben/Devore and now Tannoy, but have such inviting musical journey memories with the Danes that I'm now tempted back! I still have the stands I made for the Confidence 3's! Finding a good pair of them is challenging, but these Heritage are calling me!

The CODA amps have the current and pedigree - my memory of the Plinius and Threshold house sounds being familiar. I'm plotting a course to the Dynaudio's using Simaudio ( maybe a W5.3?) and Supratek (soft spot for octals/6sn7's especially).

Does anyone here have any experience pairing Dynaudio with Simaudio?

@budburma It's been years ago, but prior to turning into a Harbeth lemming, I had Dynaudio C4's and tried Simaudio W6 mono blocks, thinking it would be a synergistic pairing.  I found the W6's to be a big disappointment and sold them within a week of buying them.   The best SS amp I used with Dyn's was a Plinius SA-102, heavily biased in class A.