New Dynaudio Heritage Special..?..!

Does anyone know anything about these speakers?
just launched last week.
only 2500 made. $7000 or so in US.
Looks like an old Contour, but has all the components of the Confidence.
sounds like the ultimate monitor.

I have Special 40s and now am envious..😉

anyone hear anything?

No affiliation to Huff, Dynaudio or anyone else but I was in Denver last month and went by Crescendo, the Wilson Audio and Dynaudio dealer. Demo’d the Heritage Specials driven by DCS front end through Audio Research Ref6se and Ref160m monos. The Heritage Specials are damn good speakers. I presently have Wilsons and Devores at home and the Heritage Specials are an extraordinary achievement. They play in that league for sure and they can fit in the boot of your car.

Now, some may believe that a stand mount speaker shouldn’t cost $7,000 and that’s all fine and well. What these speakers are capable of is quite simply extraordinary though. Who knows how they would sound when not driven by $90,000+ of front end gear, I didn’t ask them to hook them up to another setup. The store personnel however didn’t hesitate to hang them off the end of that rig and everyone in the store stopped what they were doing. They punch waaaay above their weightclass. Another customer was there demoing some Sasha DAW’s and we both looked at each other and just shook our heads at what we were hearing. Heck, the Transparent Ref speaker cables cost more than the Heritage Specials!

Will they change the audio industry? Probably not but to summarily dismiss them would be a mistake. Of course, no deep bass but what was there was really there. The mid and upper bass was quite convincing in a large demo room, the midrange and the upper end was sublime. Go listen, they may not be your cup of tea, they may be at a pricepoint below or above what you are looking to spend but they are absolutely a bargain in my opinion.
@ghasley thanks so much for your personal anecdote, fun read! The more I know what I’m getting into, the better.  I've always been curious about Devores so interesting to see that comparison.
The speaker looks awesome. I wouldn't expect any less snooty responses from this crowd. They make coffee snobs look like angels. This entire website needs electroshock therapy. 
Im sure they will come out in a different color down the road just like the 40's. That HAS to be an improvement.
I think the American Walnut looks amazing. I had bird's eye maple 1.3SEs back in the day but these look equally as good.