new dynaudio focus 380 speakers

hi fellow very interested regerds the new dynaudio focus 380 model...has anyone heard it...or more better buyed it...i saw some videos from audio show in munich with chord amps and it seems to me that it is a serious if someone heard it...with witch equipment...what was music that good it is...if not 380 model but some smaller of the same line describe that freely...and musical preferences of listener please so we can better understand tastes and terminology...tnx
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well, i bought it. very solid performer, can do it all.
sounds tonally balanced, high detailed but not fatiguing all.

I'm mainly a fan of classical music, and love how easily this speaker can handle complex orchestras in elegance and effortless.

Its driven by NAD C370 (improved a bit). A monster power amp in not a must, but i think it could be much better.

The speaker rated 4ohm/89db, compared to my last speaker Aurum Cuntos 103 Melody that is 8ohm/89db The Dynaudio is much more sensitive. Also now i can hear in low volume and have all the details in the music. maybe the Dynaudio impedance response is stable and flat, what make it much more sensitive in the end.

Sound stage is wide, no narrow hot spot.

I also tested Bryston 4SST2, T+A , Ayre Vx5 and with all of them the speaker sound balanced, detailed and comfortable.
(with the Ayre it was way better then the others).

About Transparency, he is natural and lets the source do the talking. with my old 200$ DAC the speaker sound boring with poor sound stage....i though...well...i did a mistake buying them. After i replaced my DAC to Hegel HD20 i was blown away, never heard music like that before (even in demos). so u understand that this speaker is good as your weakest link, he doesn't make it won music and color or sound...its doing what he told to do. :)

I still need replace my amp to get the best of the speaker...
Joe...tnx for your detailed description of the speaker...if speaker does classic well it must be also interested in his rock/metal performance so if you can tryout some maybe nirvana, metallica or similiar bands on it...does it has proper body and sound...does speaker have good slam...does it need subwoofer...looks to me large your room considerating focus 380, c1 plus subwoofer or b&w 803 you think focus would overpower my room large your room is and where you positioned the speakers...i listen large specter of music, rock metal, jazz, downtempo,funk, hip hop, and some im tryin to select good combination for all not one kind of music...if you confirm me that this speaker does and metal/rock music on a level i think i maybe have a winner...and one more thing...which integrated would you recoment for focus becuz integrated is my option...tnx in advance and i hope you enjoy your speakers...
My room size is about 6x6meter, 0.5meter away from each wall.

In Rock i'm hearing Radiohead, Nirvana a bit, Pink Floyd, Beatels and more, is sound better then my previous speakers and It sure have body and slam. Its amazing for orchestral, jazz, chamber, soft/classical/unplugged rock and very good for movies for amazing sound effects/sound-tracks/"house shaking" bass.

About metal,hard rock....i'm not sure. i think it may a bit too audiophilic speaker for hard rock music cause its too detailed and you will hear every little sound they put into the recording. you may want speakers with less elements like Spendor/Harbeth and others....

Said all that, you must listen by yourself, if your main focus is rock you should test and compare more speakers.

About the integrated, i read that Hegel H200 is very good with the focus. The best amp i tested with the speaker (power+pre) was the Ayre V5xe+K5xe.
tnx on main focus aint rock and metal but i like when a speaker costing 6000euros do that part well...i know that most of rock albums are not to good produced but lets say that i have some quality vinyl pressings of rock and metal music so if the speaker is neutral i dont think there will be problems...for the rest i will have have identhical dac like my friend so i get you from the point of source...i will try audition that speaker for sure cuz exept metal i listen to alot of fine softer music so its nice to know that this speaker does acoustical instruments lifelike...i will search for you if needed more info...tnx Joe...
hey Joe...have you noticed something new regarding your speakers...have you heard ASR emitter paired with dynaudio speakers...did you changed your amp....