New Dynaudio Confidence 50 and 60

Does anyone know about these new floorstanders? Dynaudio introduced them in the Munich Audio Show last week.

Yes auditioned  them. What would you like to know?

I was planning to upgrade my system to Dynaudio C4 with Mcintosh 452 Power Amp and Mcintosh C 52 Preamp. Then I heard about the new Confidence series from Dynaudio. Should I wait for the new Confidence 50 instead of the old C4. Can't find any reviews on Confidence 50. Am ready to wait. Please share your experience with these new series from Dynaudio. Thanks 

Also in the video clips of Dynaudio room in Munich, I saw they were using Simaudio monoblocs. These are also available here in Mumbai. So suggestions for Amp and Pre for these new Dynaudio 50s would help me greatly in taking a decision.
Will these new speakers have time compensated 1st order acoustic crossovers? If not, then GTFO!
@cosmosound  Your impressions please.
Confidence 60 replacing the C4.
i m copying pasrt of the description here:
The star of the show is the DDC Lens – a machined aluminium waveguide integrated into the precision Compex composite baffle . This ingenious part (the result of hundreds of hours of simulations, prototyping and listening tests) works in conjunction with the baffle shape, the tweeter and the midrange drivers (notice their brand-new Horizon Surround, also part of the system) and the woofers to focus sound waves where they need to go: you.

rest can be read here:

have in mind though that waiting after order is several weeks :)
where do they manufacture new dynaudio line?
Thanks @cosmosound  would like a longer more comprehensive set of impressions and more of them. Its surprisingly hard to find impressions on these speakers.
It's too bad they don't use the new waveguide with the Confidence 20 bookshelf speaker, it could definitely use it. The dispersion on it is sub-par compared to Revel, KEF, or the new Buchardt S400.