New Doors box set

Just wanted to post a couple quick comments on the new Doors Box set 'perception'.

It is the real deal. Fantastic packaging, DVD audio of all albums in stereo and 5.1 with DTS and dolby versions if you need that, quality booklets that actually talk about the individual albums rather than the story of the band.

I have only listened in DVD audio 2ch so far and all I can say is wow. The Doors album have always been considered well recorded for rock, but it is kicked open on this one. The change in speed for the the fist album (correction for mis-calibrated tape deck)is more noticeable to me that that on Kind of blue. In comparing the old speed version to the the new it is clearly better separate from the sound quality difference.

Of course I have bought all this music numerous times, I now have all three box sets, and yes I feel used But I have to say this is the way to do a do a box set.
Excellent news. I love the Doors (one of the best bands ever IMO) and will more than likely buy this box set. Thanks for the update.
There is more news to come regarding this set. Wait about a month or so... for the news, not to buy the set!
Nikturner920, I just bought this set after reading your post. I'm looking forward to hearing the surround versions!
can this set be played on cd only?
There was not a lot of information on this set when I got it and what it offers. Not sure what will happen in a month...any hints Nrchy ;-)

It is essentially deluxe editions of all of the doors released studio albums with outtakes. Each album has a red book cd and a DVD with the same songs in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround, DTS 5.1, DTS Stereo, Advanced Resolution Surround, and Advanced Resolution Stereo (DVD-A) with 2 additional videos. The cd sound quality is excellent as well, but I only gave a listen to a couple discs and moved on to the DVDA stereo mixes. It is my understanding that the cd are 'remastered' and the DVDA is 'remixed and remastered' This is obvious for the surround mixes but unsure about the hi res stereo until I compare to the cds. No comments from me on the surround quality I would love to hear from someone else on this.
Bob Gendron of TAS says that Bruce Botnick, the bands original sound engineer, remastered and mixed this set and utilizes digital equalizers and digital reverb (to alter the original sound). This bothers me somewhat, hopefully there is not too much done to them.

Bob gives the sound 4 out of 5 and in his opinion says it is the best of the Doors box sets.

I have to go and look for it to buy now.
I have the box set, yet I'm unable to audio select either the dts or Dolby Digital 5.1 formats. Whats the secret? Has anyone actually played these in either format? My dvd player and pre/pro can play these formats. I've heard the advanced surround with some mixed feelings. I would really like to here them in dts 5.1--my favorite format.
Whos got the best price ?
I have been focusing on analog over the past years and I am a little out of touch w/ high resolution digital formats. With this box I know there are the 6 Doors CDs w/ bonus tracks. I understand by the original post that there are also DVD-a discs, which I know LA Woman was previously available. Even though I already have a few of my favorite Doors on DCC gold and DCC Vinyl, is there a fair benefit in getting this set if I dont have a DVD-a player.
The cds surpass the DCC gold to me, and those were my favorite before this set. Hard to say about the vinly as my vinyl rig is not up to the standard of my cd player. I think if the DVDs are of no use it is probably over priced for just the CDs. They will probably release them as seperate cds later since that is what they did with the last remastering.
What is the Advanced Resolution Surround ?, and Advanced Resolution Stereo (DVD-A)? 24/96 or ???

I'm guessing that you have a DVD-Audio player that you're using as a regular DVD player.

DVD-audio players can't access the standard DVD content (the Dolby Digital and DTS mixes) on a DVD-Audio disc.

I'm not sure why it is, but it's a real pain point for users like myself who have a DVD-Audio player but lack 5-channel discrete input on their preamps.
Advanced Resolution Surround and Advanced Resolution Stereo are DVD-A, on the doors box they are 24/96 but can be different bit rates.

I never noticed that before about Dolby Digital and DTS. I only use stereo on my modified Denon but it does appear that I can only play the DVD-A stream and not the others.
Yeah, it's a big problem on certain discs for people like me who have Dolby Digital but not 5-channel input. I'm usually a 2-channel DVD-audio listener but I sometimes like to check out the surround mixes.

FYI, if you're a 2-channel DVD-audio guy like me don't get the Beatles Love disc; there's no MLP 2-channel track, and the 48k / 20-bit PCM track isn't available as an option if you have a DVD-audio player. It's pretty dumb.

Back on-topic though - the 2-channel mixes on the new Doors box are amazing. Lively, dynamic, and just plain palpable.

I wish more people would do this, rather than digging up the same master tapes again and again for yet another tired remaster, just remix the whole thing on modern equipment. Mixers have come a long, long way - the net gain seems much higher than simply remastering the disc.
I agree...if you are not into surround/dvd-a the remastered cds are not a substantial improvement over the previous 24 bit remasters to merit the investment...and the bonus tracks are nothing to write home about...that being said...the cds do sound very good...