New Distributor for Audio Aero??

As Globe Audio marketing has ceased to exist, does anybody know who to contact for service issues or if anyone knows the new/would be distributor or service center for Audio Aero products for US & Canada.
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Good question. I don't think Audio Aero Exists .
They don't answer emails at head office or answer the phones.
Greg Collins, ( handles AA repair AND honors AA warranties.

Audio Aero still exists they just were at the Munich show, they might be on Summer vacation which is something which a lot of European companies do.
Ofcourse,Audio Aero France does exist. I am asking about US/Canada distributor/service facility.
You may contact Greg Collins at or at 928-284-0884. Greg is not the AA distributor but just a repair site and I doubt he enjoys receivng all the calls asking for information. I am finding that Greg can fix the units properly. My understanding from another Greg at United Home Audio (866-482-8346) in Washington DC is that Audio Aero will be looking for another US Distributor soon and the letter he read to me (from AA) stated that Audio Aero was alive and well but wanted to make the best decision possible on a distributor. At any rate the French have a different interpretation of service than we are accustomed to.
any news yet on who the new NorAm distributor is?
I just happened to speak to Greg from Sedonix yesterday (2/24) and he has not heard anything. You might want to touch base with United Home Audio and see if they have heard anything but at this time no news.