New Display Technologies

I've read in the past about some new technologies on the way, and was wondering if anyone has any info on whether they are coming to market any time soon. Mitsubishi had something called Laser TV (supposedly due out in 07), a DLP Micromirror display that used laser instead of a projector bulb, and someone else was working on a nanotechnology display that would coat a piece of glass with nanotubes that would act as thousands of miniature CRTs, giving CRT brightness, speed and field of view in a thin panel display at an affordable cost. Anyone heard anything?
The "next big thing", IMO, is LED light source for RPT and LCD TV. This means you don't have to purchase a $200 - $500 bulb every 2-3 years (uses less power too - be green).

HDMI 1.3 is another huge upgrade that should be out this fall. This allows high-def sound and what is called "deep color" (a gazillion-color potential) over a single cable.

Then there is OLED, 4K, 20,000-to-1 contrast ratio...
HDMI 1.3 is more like a MS windows OS first service pack.. it's a fix for all the problems of connectivity that HDMI 1.1 and HDMI 1.2 had. The sound quality is compromised and it has already shown that coax digital sounds better, the Deep Color has very little effect even once the displays are fully calibrated. For everyone that already owns a Display you are out of luck, but it will still help out. is a pretty good resource and of course
LED TV...actually not: the production costs rise with larger panel sizes too much making it uncompetitive: for small screens, namely mobile phones, however they are still more expensive but less dramatically so and thus will be adopted by the higher end (? or priced) phones.

June/July's "The Perfect Vision" features a 52" LCD RPT which uses an LCD light source.
This currently available set from NuVision retails for $4299.