New Discussion Forum Format Good or Confusing?

I find it confusing and difficult to quickly scan.


Agree totally! It forces me to scroll through threads that I have no interest in.
Hello, It is horrible and if it remains like this I will not be reading them
I agree with Tvad: it is difficult to scan the "section headers" get in the way.

Thoug the layout is logical, it is too much information. The previous layout was only the beginning text of the Subject and date.

FWIW. I usually enter AG via the Recent Discourse > Last 12 link.
I don't like it as is, but if the first line of each subject was in bold it might be better.

I do however, like the way system pictures are automatically displayed on the Virtual System comments.
I wanted to clarify my above complaint, I am referring
to the "Old Threads with new posts in last 12 hours", section.
Like most new things, probably takes some getting used to. But first impression ... I don't like it as much as the old format.
Rack up another vote for negative. I liked the old format better.
I much prefer the old format.
You've got to wait for the burn-in before ya start a thread like this 'un.
But the bookmarking feature is great.
Thumbs down. perhaps they should have beta-tested it
What discussion forum? I haven't seen anything different.
I like the new thread and the user system sections. I dislike the older thread format. Too much info; can't quickly scan. 2 out of 3 ain't bad.
I agree with most above. The new threads are OK, and the pictures next to the user systems are nice.

However, the new posts to old threads is hard to scan, and if you go to the title and read the new posts, you can't tell next time because the links to these new posts are not "greyed" out.
I like the virtual systems bit with the photos but dislike the rest of the layout it used to be easy and fast to look around - not now. Lets hope enough of us voice our opinions and maybe they will change it back.
Thanks for the feedback.

For those who are not sure what this is about: it is regarding the new 'Recent Discourse' page of the forums:
Recent Discourse: last 24 hours.

The above is the new version as compared to the Old Version.

Instead of "New" and "Old" perhaps we should include both versions and reference them as "Quick View" and "Expanded" views? (allowing one to choose between them)?

The Expanded view was developed with these goals in mind:
- Require less clicking into individual threads to see what's new
- Arouse interest in threads whose title alone may not sound interesing.
- More easily follow threads of borderline interest.
- See what other members are saying in various threads.

I would ask that regular visitors try it for a few days to see how it 'burns-in' as Dchase put so aptly. It is certainly an eye-full compared to the original bare bones display (especially if the simple version has been engrained in the eye-brain twice a day for several years, right?)

We have been using and developing the expanded view for several months now, and what appears to be a 'clutter' at first starts to make more and more sense as you get used to it. But most importantly, we find ourselves more entertained in a shorter browsing session, becoming more curious about more subjects, and getting to know other members a little better.

We just did some minor tweaking, such as bolding the thread title in some areas, and adjusted the links to 'grey' out once a followup is viewed. (hopefully that will mean something to the folks who mentioned those things).

Lastly, for those of us who pretty much _live_ in the forums, the expanded view can display any number of hours, such as my favorite: 4 hours

Please do give it (and yourself) a couple of days to evolve and rest assured that the title-only view will still be available as well.
It's good to have the option of Quick View versus Expanded View. Thanks.
I don't like it. It's distracting because it's too busy.
thumbs down - the first line is too often meaningless - just a title was fine on a list.
Can we go back to the old format PLEASE?
Most of the time I use my iPod Touch or my Samsung Blast to check things out, write or answer questions and emails so to answer your question - NO I absolutly do not see it useful or practical. It sucks...

For someone on to go and as busy as I am, it is a pain in the A$$!!!
I...ahem, like it.
It's good. Tips the reader which topics have a high level of recent activity & challenges posters to write a catchy first line. Less clicking around & shorter sessions.
I don't like the clutter. It draws my eye to unnecessary info. The basic titles were fine. It's going to be a problem for mobile browsers.
I too find the new ("expanded") version heavy & slow & somewhat confusing.
I did not like the original change, but the 2.1 version (with bold headings) is a BIG improvement because one can scan the headings reasonably quickly.
Hello, It has gotten better. Though the "new topics last 12 hours" are the best setup with the blue title and the smaller black responses. They are the easiest to read.


Keep tweaking.

I don't like it - at least for now. Too busy.

I like the older view better, too. Thx.
Hopefully, as in the second revision of the New Topics section, the posts below each thread title in the Old Threads section can be reduced in font and off-set in a contrasting color.
I'll hold off final judgment, but for now prefer the old and therefore would love to have the option of doing it the old way. Just the initial thoughts from an "old fart".
I like the expanded view - think the option of quick vs expanded is a good approach.
I do not like it either.
Prefer both options but like the old way better. To busy and takes too long to skim for items of interest. regards, David
How does one switch to the Quick View (Old View)? Or, is this option not yet available?
I for one hate it.I don't understand the rational for the change in the first place,but it sucks big time,so much so that I gave up checking the Recent Discourse section which used to be part of my daily read.Hope someone is smart enough at Audiogon to listen to the negative feedback they're getting on this topic,and revert back to the previous format.
getting used to it and think its great: easy to scan, visibility into authors (there's good ears and a**holes on this board), can see references to products on threads that i normally wouldn't scan.
Now that Expanded View and Quick View are available, and based on the comments in this thread which are primarily in favor of Quick View, I would vote to make Quick View the default format and make Expanded View the optional format, rather than the way it is now.
I would vote to make Quick View the default format and make Expanded View the optional format, rather than the way it is now.

I agree. I vote for less clutter in the default format.
Another vote for the Quick View default.
I agree with making "Quick View" the default.
Audiogon_arnie, Thanks for Quick View!

Agree for QV as default with link for Expanded view

It is much better now and a good update for easy viewing. Thanks for moving forward.