New Direction-JM Lab Diva, Revel Studio or Sophia?

Hi Folks:
I'm interested in pursuing a speaker updgrade in the next couple of months. Budget would be about $5k - $6.5k, but can stretch a little if really necessary. I play a wide range of music, at different sound levels and would also be using the speakers for movies in stereo only. I'd also be open to changing amplifiers too. Budget for amp(s) would be about $3.5k.

I currently have a pair of Acuhorn 155 horn speakers ( driven by a pair of KR Audio tube monoblocks outputting somewhere between 22wpc and 30wpc. reason for my interest in changing speaker is that this speaker is more geared toward classical/chamber music and I'm likely moving soon to a smaller house with smaller listening environment that would be too small for these big Acuhorn beauties.

I need a setup that works well with all types of music and can really give goosebumps - articulate, great imaging, presence, big soundstage and extension. I'd prefer to keep my current amps if I can, but would be open to switching amps if need be. I'd welcome recommendations. My shortlist would include JM Lab Utopia (probably Diva - I assume that would be better than the old Mezzo), Revel Studio and might stretch to Wilson Sophia if it seemed worth it. Another option may be Talon Khorus X or Raven X? Anyway, I'd welcome opinions, especially from those who have experienced one or more of the above speakers.

revel studio
no contest- i have had the jm (albeit mezzos)
and the revel is such an amazing performer
i have mine in a dedicated 2 channel/ home theater
i thought about buying salons and decided that the studio does all that i need
hope this helps
good luck
This group of speakers seems to have quite a variety in sound. To my ears, the Revels & Wilsons are similar in signature, with the Sophias being more balanced if driven by high power tubes(e.g. Mac monos). When I saw other Talons at CES, they also were mated w/big tube monoblocks(i.e. Joules). Never heard the Raven. The Divas are warmer balanced, a tad on the polite side, but I like these better than the others you've listed.
I'm biased as I own them, but I think Merlin VSM-MX would be a perfect fit. They match the description of what you are looking for, and they are tube friendly, with a small footprint that works well in many smallish rooms. Granted they do like some room behind them, but no more so than all the others you mention. If you call Bobby @ Merlin, he could advise you as to how well the KR's would work w/the VSMs.
If keeping the amps remains a high priority, Coincident offers many models that are good with lower powered tubes. One note of caution, they vary widely from model to model, not much of a house sound.
I agree with Spencer. The JMs will be different than the other two. The Frenchies have life to them whereas I feel the Sophias don't - they felt like they were very plain and changing amps didn't seem to help matters. I have only heard Studios once and it was brief but excellent.

In terms or articulation and imaging, the JM Labs Utopias are fantastic. You may get a tad more resolution with the Americans but less toe-tapping rhythm. Of course I have not heard every combination of stereos possible with these speakers so keep that in mind.

By the way, the latest issue of Hifi+ has a great article about biamping with KR amps. Their final conclusion after trying all sorts of scenarios was that vertical biamping is the best. Thought you might be interested in reading the article. Good luck! Arthur
Guys, thanks for the great input so far - am getting a better idea of my choices. Also, thanks Aball for clueing me onto that article - I must check it out.

John - it is issue 42 and it's Roy Gregory's opening editorial. He uses KR VA320 Antares amps.
I have not heard the Revel or Sophias but am familiar with the sound of other Wilson speakers but I have to agree with Aball's comments above. I also own JM Lab speakers and am quite familiar with and have heard most of their models. They do provide the toe-tapping rhythm and pace like pretty mmuch no other speaker I have heard. I quite often find myself unconsiously tapping my foot or bobbing my head with the music like one tends to do when at a live concert. Another quality they seem to have is that they can play pretty much any type of music very well. I am quite amazed at how good they can sound even when blasting old classic rock recordings.
Well, I found a relatively local pair of JM Lab Divas, to which I've comitted. Seller is in no major hurry to sell, and I really need to sell my Acuhorns before getting the new speakers, so timing should work out.
Be sure to take your time setting up the Divas. They are not easy to get just right so be sure to experiment. With care, they will be an awesome speaker.