New Digital Video Essentials disc?

Has anyone out there purchased or used the new DVE disk? If you have the original Video Essentials DVD, is the new disk enough different to warrant a purchase? How does it compare to the AVIA disk?

I am in the market for a good test disc also. I have heard good things about both DVE and AVIA. Hopefully someone with experience with them will contribute their thoughts on these test discs.

The original Video Essentials DVD is very good, although navigating the menus can be a little frustrating....the manner in which the disc is divided into chapters doesn't seem very intuitive. In addition to the test patterns and tones, it has an outstanding segment of both film-based and video-based images at the end, which is widely used by reviewers of display devices and scalers. And Joe Kane, the guy who developed Video Essentials, is one of the major gurus of the video field.

The AVIA disc is much easier to use, and has a much more comprehensive set of audio test tones, such as descending subwoofer signal from 200hz down to 20hz. However, it lacks the great test video sequence of VE.

If I was going to buy one disc, I think I'd start with AVIA, based on what I've seen. But I still haven't heard any reports of the new Digital Video Essentials, so I can't really make a fair comparison.