New digital source recommendation

Hello-I'm looking for recommendation on a new digital source. My current setup is a Denon 2900 CD/SACD, Samsung Blu-ray/DVD player (<$100), Integra DHC 9.9 AVR, Anthem 5ch amplifier & PSB speakers. The Denon 2900 is connected via RCA with the AVR setup to play in Pure Direct mode. The Samsung player is connected via digital coax. with the AVR setup to play movies. I have had this setup for many years & very happy with the results; only forced to make this move because the Denon 2900 has developed a problem (it skips). The 2900 is quite old, and not worth the repair in my mind. My priority is high quality stereo playback. I play BD/DVDs but not so much anymore; for movies I stream via the TV. I am open to all recommendations, i.e. one source that can do it all. I don't stream music now, but I would consider it a bonus if the new source is able . My budget is $500. Thanks in advance.
I would look at the Sony BDP lineup to see what they offer currently in your price range.  You could do streaming on the cheap with something like Google Chrome, and then if it becomes a more important source for you, upgrade accordingly 
Thank you mahler123. I've been checking out many forum threads here & on AVS to get ideas, and two units caught my eye have been the Sony UDP X800M2 ($250) and X1100ES ($500).
They both play SACD, CD and Blu Ray.  It looks like the the higher priced model will stream from a network so if you add Google Chrome then you can also get streaming services.  Not one box but pretty close.  Or get the cheaper unit and Bluesound Node2
Been researching the diff. & best I can find is X1100ES has a built-in DAC and X800M2 does not. Otherwise the two are identical in features. I will use the Integra AVR DAC for SACD, CD & Blue Ray (I don't plan to significantly expand this library).

Regarding streaming, says the following 'The UBP-X800M2's playing power goes far beyond 4K UHD Blu-ray discs. You can watch, listen to, and stream almost anything you like – including most High-Definition video and High-Resolution Audio formats, and a host of popular streaming services.' If in the future I get deep in HiRes audio, there's opportunity for improvement with an external streamer/DAC.
Maybe take this as an opportunity to enter the wonderful world of music streaming rather than reinvesting in more “old tech.” You could buy a used Innuos Zen Mini 2 for $500. This would allow you to load all your CDs directly into its internal memory and allow you to access your entire collection of music from your phone, tablet, etc. and be able to make your own playlists or listen randomly or by genre. In addition to having complete access to all your CDs from your chair, you’ll now have music streaming capability so whole new worlds of music will now be available to you. I recently subscribed to Qobuz high-res for 15 bucks/month, and it has literally changed my music-listening world. Frankly, I rarely play my CDs anymore as I find the discovery of new music (new to me anyway) to be infinitely more fascinating and rewarding. Sorry if this is off your original track, but it’s been such an incredible game changer for me I thought it worth bringing up as you seem at least open to streaming at this point.  Best of luck. 
I concur with soix.  Visit the PC site here and at the Asylum for suggestions about doing a setup fairly inexpensively.  An inexpensive used Mac Mini with Senore microRendu and DAC will get you excellent sound quality.  Roon, Qobuz, and Tidal have completely changed the way I listen to music.  You can rip your CDs to memory attached to your Mini.  Sitting in your favorite chair while selecting what you want to hear using an iPad is a new form of luxury.
soix2 not off track at all. this post is for discovery. honestly I'm stuck in 2-ch analog playing rebook CDs, & in the dark about products like Innuos & Qobuz. But I'm not completely in the dark ages, I do subscribe to Amazon Music & have ripped most my CDs to a Mac mini, which I play to BT speakers in my office or iPhone/headset. This is the extent of my digital experience, & don't know how to integrate to my HT system. I have been studying, reading & watching Youtube videos, i.e. Darko reviews, of streamers, servers, bridges, etc. My head is spinning! dbphd-I will looking into using the Mac as my music already lives there.
Thanks guys! Intended to ask how I could add streaming video to my NAD integrated so I could watch concerts and YouTube acoustic videos (Like a Version, and other 'studio' takes). Then this discussion turned toward Sony players, and I remembered my old BDP-S7200 (essentially a PlayStation, without gaming and made for HT in hifi form factor) does all that. Just checked, it even has WiFi - cool! I've been using it exclusively as a CD player in 2ch system for so many years, forgot all it's capabilities. Thanks for the discussion! Great example of someone asking a question that leads to discoveries by others - what forums like this are so good at doing. AWESOME!