New Digital Format Copy Protection on Digital Out.

What do you think the outcome of this "no digital out signal for new hi-res formats" will be? Will the big companies relent, and give us the digital outs? Or will they stick to their guns? If they keep the digital out closed, how will this affect the other digital companies that make DACs and other outboard gear? Will they go under? Will a mod company figure out how to circumvent the protection circuit and make mods available? Will they get sued if they do? Give us your opinions on this issue.
I don't know. But, I will not buy into these new formats until they offer digital out. I (at the sake of being relentless) believe the development of digital upsampling,cross-overs,amplifiers and especially room correction to be the most significant promise towards better sound. It should eventually allow for cheaper and better manufacturing development and production. Hopefully the cost savings could be passed down to the consumer.The same consumer who now has the opportunity to deal with the most common problems(room influence and keeping current music libraries viable) in an easy and afforadable manner. It might permit decent sound where it otherwise could not. Consider the idea of a digital flag that could shape the sound of your room to the origial hall, or if you prefer to some other contour. Personally I am not particularly interested in recording. But I am concerned that the lack of recording ability may interfere with the publics opportunity for creative expression as well as hindering future options (wouldn' it be great if we could just down load quality copies of our favorites in the sequence we would prefer, with out having to run to the store or wait for snail mail?( who needs the parasitic middle men).
The issue for DVD-Audio is that the DVD Forum, which governs the disc format, requires that any digital high-rez output be encrypted and be sent over a secure physical interface (not SPDIF). The Forum is just now defining standards for the interface, so players have not previously been allowed to output data this way.
Unfortunately, 1394, which is one of the approved interfaces, has other problems and may not become popular. A manufacturer can develop a proprietary interface which meets the Forum's specs (e.g. Meridian) but this requires a one-designer system without mix-match components. And its expensive to develop. But it may be the best solution.
This is the second post I've seen mentioning that SACD and DVD-A don't have a digital out...doesn't that make sense right now?? I realize that it's not very forward thinking, but what good would it do you?? Your DACs and digital processors aren't capable of decoding the SACD and DVD-A signals...they'd be useless, wouldn't they? THe D/A processor for those signals is inside the player. I'm sure things will change in the future, but right now it makes perfect sense. If they had a digital out, they'd have to be compatible with 24/96 DACs and then it wouldn't be SACD or'd be regular DVD or redbook CD. What would be the point of owning the hi-res format player if the output you were using was the same as your old player??
Just looking for some crystalball gazing by members to see what they think. If the digital out was available, some DAC makers might make some outbeard gear to go with the new transports.
Hey Twl...that's true and I'm sure it will happen eventually (unless Sony and others decide that they can help control digital piracy by eliminating the output). Most modern home theater receivers or processors have internal DACs and many are made by the same companies that created SACD and DVD-A. I heard that Sony is charging a fortune for the SACD licensing and most independent hi-fi companies can't afford to pay what they're asking at this time (I think Kevin from Muse posted something about that last year). Those companies will probably jump on the format when it's more affordable, and that should help to promote the popularity of hi-res digital.