New Denon Pro CD recorder...any opinions??

I just received my latest Guitar Center mailer and the list a new Denon Pro CD recorder (dual drive) for $699.99. Has anyone heard of this particular model (DNC550R)? Any experiences with it?

They mention that it has 24 bit A/D-D/A conversion with 32khz and 48khz inputs that conver to the 44.1khz CD rate internally.

Is thos the first with 24bit conversion??? I don't recall seeing any others. I'd be making some CDs from LPs, so this intrigues me.


Yamaha makes a pro unit with both internal 24 bit processing and UV22 built in, but it's expensive ($2000). Another alternative would be an HHB (they have one now for about $600) and an outboard Apogee Rosetta a/d ($1000). I am using an HHB/Rosetta combination and the results are sensational.
I believe Sony's Professional CD recorder (can't remember model number)sold at guitar center for around $600 has 24/96 on board.
Thanks for the info. I have done some research since and I was very wrong...Sony and HHB are 24 bit. The Yamaha mentioned above (The CDR1000, I think) does sound amazing, but it is only a 20 bit machine. It does have the Apogee technology though, so it may sound as good or better than a 24 bit machine.