New Denon DCD 2010AE

(Reading some Asian audiophile forums)

AKM 32bits DAC
Aluminum transport
Ipod, USB drive, SPDIF IN
DAC Master clock design (?)

sounds promising. It has almost(!) all features I would love to have. (Not sure if it has a built in volume control).

So I guess I won't upgrade to the Oppos or Sony until the dust settles.
Just seen this post.

Do you know if this is the same as the DCD 1650 that Denon sells in Japan? I've audition that one in Tokyo and it was superb. But no information whatsoever on line except for the site.

If we're talking about the same unit, no volume control. And the USB in is apparently just for storage devices and ipods (it gets digital signal from there, so you get the Denon's DAC and output stage). Haven't seen that in many SACD/CD playes.