New Denon Blu-ray players

Anyone seen a review or had personnel experience with the new Denon Blu-ray players - the 2500BTCI in particular?
The 2500 just hit the warehouses a day or so ago so unlikely. Note that it's just a transport and it does not use Realta for upconversion (or "improvement" of Blu-Ray if Denon is to be believed). The full fledged 3800 has been delayed to March and that's not surprising as no hardware vendor at this point is able to offer the firmware for in player decoding of DTS-HD MA although hardware out now allegedly supports it.
I've seen it advertised on line as being available so I thought perhaps someone in the business/press may have had a sample long enough to have done a casual if not full review. Yes, I was aware that it's just a transport, that's why it appealed to me. I'm currently in the market and am considering the Panny, Pioneer 95 and the Denon 2500. Panny is quite a bit cheaper but they seem to be having some "issues" from what I've read on AVS forums. I've waited this long to step up to Blu-ray, I guess I can wait a few more weeks for some reviews.