New Denon.....AVR 3100W

Anyone know anything about this one....I want to replace my old Denon that still works, but has no HDMI, and other bells and whistles.
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I had to exchange this Denon to Crutchfield. There were many connection problems I couldn't get passed. It would forget settings, drop blutoothe, unable to connect to wifi, etc. I love the unit, but this is an achilles heel. I hope they invent a fix for it. They are sending me a Yamaha.....we'll see.
I listen to SiriusXM online via wi-fi with my Onkyo receiver, and it sounds dang good, for a 128kbps stream. I don't understand how it can sound as good as it does, but it's nice to just listen to all the channels without having to get up off the couch!
..just discovered a new way to listen to Spotify via the Denon AVR 3100.. much better than blutoothe. If you get a premium subscription, you can send the music over the wifi link ....sounds better and is more stable than blutoothe.
Nice, Denon makes good stuff. I've got a dedicated 2 channel system too and for audio I prefer it, but a good theater receiver can do pretty impressive things.
Runnin....I really like my Denon....the sound is not nearly as good as my big system in another room, but in many ways, its more impressive. The picture is glorious...better than a theater screen.
I've been keeping my eye on Denon, they seem to be at the forefront of the industry these days. I'm somewhat puzzled by the unhelpful posters above, strnggreen, the suggestions to try google are of course not helpful. When someone starts a thread asking a question, it's because they are looking for information from the brain trust here at audiogon. Hopefully you were able to get some information elsewhere.

At any rate, it looks like since the Denon in question is so new, no few owners exist, at least around here. I'm not surprised though, home theater is a smaller segment of this particular forum, most are into old school 2 channel stereo.
I got my Denon receiver hooked up ....flawless installation...everything works. I use HDMI for cable, Blu-Ray, and into TV. Looks and sounds fabulous Highly recommended
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Thanks Kgturner
There is a new app called "google".
It lets you ask questions about anything!
It's really cool.