New Denon 5910 for $1799?

I have found an authorized denon dealer who has 4 new unopened Denon 5910 in black where they had them marked $1999. This caught my eye since I have seen them advertised new on EBay for around $2900. Upon closer inspection of the sale tag it appeared as though they had actually been priced at $1799 where the 7 had been changed to a 9. I inquired and was told the accountant made them mark them up. However, if I were interested they could do $1799. Question? Should I buy up all 4 of these and sell 3? I am not out to make a killing. Rather I see this as a possible way to end up with a 5910 for the cost of a 2910/3910 if I were to sell the 3 for around $2300 each.

What is the selling price for new 5910 here on Agon. $2300-$2500?

I also have read there was a new model "ci" which has 1080P. If these are original 5910 can they be easily updated to 5910ci at no charge?
Denon charges 300.00 for the upgrade. And I don't think you can get 2300.00 for them but you might.
Thanks for the info. Guess I'll look for a used 3910 for around $800 and wait for all of the new technology to roll out over the next year or so.
I might be interested at 1799.00.
This does not smell right to me. Tread lightly.

This is a reputable dealer in a major metro area. Of coarse with State sales tax the total would top $1900. And I did confirm these are not "Ci" units. So anyone interested in a top-end universal may balk at not getting the cutting edge unit. This may be why they are stuck with 4 of these.
Are you going to tell us who is selling the 5910s?
I stopped by the store and was told they will only sell out of the store to maintain their regional territory commitment to Denon. I travel from Appleton to Chicago and back almost weekly. For anyone interested I would be willing (with cashiers check in-hand) to swing off the freeway and purchase one for you. I would FedEX ground ship insured to you. I would do this for $2300 delivered. $1799? No. But when you factor in 6% sales tax plus the cost of shipping, there's not that much I'm adding on for my time spent. In exchange, you would be getting a new 3910 for several hundred less than a new one can be found. I am going to stop by today and see how many remain and if they would sell with (you) the buyers name on the receipt. This would then give you full warranty priveledges as well.
If a model is no longer current, it can be sold to anyone I would think.
This dealer is in Southeastern Wisconsin.
They had a "warehouse sale" last Saturday (June 10, 2006) and the selling price at that sale was at the start of the day $1,500. for new in box DVD5910's they had FOUR at that price.
By the end of the day the price was $1,200. with TWO left at that price.
Naturally I ran back to the retail store and got my 30 day price guaranty money back since I had purchased one only a few weeks before.(My salesman was PISSED!!!! but I am a good customer and he will get over it)
Anyway, if any still are for sale, they will certainly be back up to $1,500 at least... and i really doubt the price will drop below that again.
all in all, I got a GREAT deal on a new in box DVD-5910 for $1,200.
A Demo Denon 4806 receiver for $1,500 and a set of Canton speakers: Pair of 300's (retail $2,000.) for $700. and three center channel 360's (retail $800. each) for $200 each. and a small pair of C50's for the rear of 7.1 for another $100. each.
You missed out on this sale......
(or did you?)
Elizabeth, you're killing me. Who is the dealer? I live in that neck of the woods. My Denon 2600 just fried (hated the chroma bug anyway). I would love to pick up a 5910 at that price. I also sent you an email, in case you don't want to publish the name on Audiogon. Thanks.
I checked back. All gone. I even stopped by on Monday morning and they were cleared out.
Yeah, they are sold out.
I bet the employees bought the last two Saturday at close.
I was there ten minutes before sale close and they were there...
They have two 3910 for $999. in the garage room at Flanners.
One silver in a box, the other black.
I bet they could be had for less.... but they are not 5910's
Thanks, Elizabeth.
I called back and found there to be one unit left. I was working with another saleman and was told the $1200 price was a one time special. While he was checked with the manager on the availability and price another saleman was working a deal to sell it to me for someone from Barrington, IL. Apparently, he was willing to drive 100+ miles to buy it for $1500. Sounds like the Elizabeth/Bigamp connection.

Can't blame the guy (bigamp?) for making the trip. Goes to show however, the next time I'll keep my mouth shut and not post anything here and just keep checking at the store. That's what I get for making the post in the first place.