New Dennis Had amps

Dennis Had was the chief engineer/designer at Cary audio and is responsible for bringing back single ended amps in the US. Since his retirement he has been making boutique amps and selling them on eBay when he has one to sell. The Firebottle KT-88 is a single ended pentode amp that can take a huge variety of tubes. I love mine. He has also been selling a 300b SE amp. Looks like he has a bunch more models in the pipeline.

There’s a huge range of prices ranging from the $1500 “Kleen Sweep” using what looks like 6bg6 tubes up to the $8500 PSE 300b amp. There is also a SE 46, 6v6, and even a 7c5 amp in the mix as well. 

It’s so nice seeing someone building for the love of it. He only builds what he likes and doesn’t need to make a living at it. Truly every DIY builder’s dream:)


Doesn’t sound very “retired” to me.  Guess when you do what you truly love you never work a day in your life.  Reminds me quite a bit of Don Sachs.  

Mr. Had's amp work sounds much like Nelson Pass with First Watt amps.  Coincidentally I replaced Had designed Cary Audio 2a3 SET monoblocks with First Watt F3s.  I feel that wrought a nice improvement in SQ with the midrange and super tweeter drivers of my triamplified fully horn loaded DIY speakers.

Thanks @isaacc7 

I agree. It would be great to make wonderful creations for fun and profit!

Alas, I’ll always be an end user.