New David Gilmour record:any feedback?

I know the new record is out already and i'm looking for any feedback on it.Does it have the dreamy quality ti it and those trademark Gilmour solos on it?I am kinda suspicius of special guests like Willie Nelson and David Crosby.Thanks for your replies.
Yes, he uses feedback on several of the cuts, as well as wah-wah, sustain and reverb. Highly recommended.
I listened to it while going to sleep last night, This is what I remembered.
"Take A Breath" has the vocal tempo of one part of Genesis "Supper's Ready".
"Red Sky At Night" reminds me "Shine on You Crazy Diamond, part ?").
"Then I Closed My Eyes" sounds like it could be from the album Obscured By Clouds.

....fading to sleep
its offical....i am now the only human being that hasn't made a recording with willie nelson
Heard parts of the album on NPR yesterday with commentary.
Apparently he was not as affraid of sounding like Pink Floyd on this solo effort as he was in the past.
From what I heard of the album, this is true.
Not bad.
At Best Buy for this week - $9.99 with bonus single-track CD "Island Jam".

I listened to a couple of tracks in the car on the way back to my hotel last night. Sure sounds like some of Pink Floyd's post Roger Waters stuff. I'll give it a whirl on the hifi on Saturday when I get home.

this album is stellar
bought last night and listened to it at lunch
atmospheric and laid back

Crosby and Nash sing backup on one track
totally unobtrusive, can't tell it's them
Nelson plays drums on one track

produced by Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music)

lucious stuff, highly recommend
Ranks right up there and I am spinning it at work for the second full run today.

I still prefer About Face but this has obvious Floyd touchstones and sounds good through the crappy little jwin work system.

At 9.99 at Bestbuy it's a no-brainer. Buy it.
Anyone know if it's available on Vinyl?
Listening now and so far so good! Will post further impressions shortly..

It's really good. I anticipate people flocking to buy this as word gets out. My nearest Best Buy was just about sold out. Get it!
My Best Buy was out of it as well. Made a special trip for nothing!
Qdrone: Yes, it is coming out on vinyl! I have one on order.
The following online dealers have pre-order available for the 180g vinyl import:

All three show it as a pre-order with a price of 34.99
I just picked it up today. Definitely Floydish. I already think it is Gilmour's best solo yet. Now I'm bummed I missed his live tour. Seems nicely recorded. A can't miss cd.
The cost through is L14.99 including air mail shipping, total about $26, delivery around the end of the month.

How you been. Is that Chenin showing you the difference between the VPI and that super Walker job.

Man, that is a really sweet system.

Winter Kings at this end!!!!

Happy Listening
Winter Steelies on the Salmon River here. The Chenin has been crankin' along. Still waiting for the Walker. Lloyd is going to be bringing it over soon to install it, as it's almost done being built. looking forward to dropping the Magic Diamond stylus into the lead-in groove of the new Gilmour LP when the TT is in.

Thanks for the nice comment on the system. I think I am reaching a point with it now where the only left to do might be some cable changes.
Just picked up the CD this weekend and I really like it! I know I'm probably swimming up stream when I say this but I've always preferred Gilmour over Roger Waters. This album reminds me of work on Momentary Lapse of Reason and Division Bell. Very well produced. I'm considering getting this on vinyl as well.
Dan ed I'm swimming with you on this one too. I prefer Floyd when Gilmour came aboard. This CD reminds me more of The Division Bell in that it's material is not as strong as A Momentary Lapse of Reason.
Your comment is really funny. Really. Thanks.
While I like the new Gilmour CD, I think that he needs Roger Waters alongside -- for that matter, Waters needs Gilmour too. Not sure that Lennon and McCartney are the right analogy, but they're the partners who can produce some magical music if they can't just refrain from killing each other. Gilmour is like McCartney, needs the partner to add some b*lls to the material. Waters is like Lennon, who benefits from a partner's ability to tone down the sarcasm or cynicism. Hey, I said the analogy might not hold -- but it's better than comparing the bickering boys of Floyd to Sonny and Cher...

Happy Listening.
Pink Floyd turned down 250 million to regroup and tour after their charity show. The remaining group had to endure lawsuits from Waters and I think they feel they just don't need him. Let's give credit to Rick Wright too, he contributed to alot of the Floyd sound.
Just picked it up yesterday. Listened four times and will replay again once it ends. Liked it on the first listen and liked it better on the second., even better on the third.... As others have mentioned, it's Pink Floydish and better than his other solo works. The CD is very well recorded. I find the music and lyrics uplifting. On An Island was released on Gilmour's 60th birthday - not many produce a CD of this quality at the young age of 60!

I agree with you, but only to a point. I would also add that Waters' point of view in his solo albums, as well as much of his Pink Floyd writing is pessimistic and angry. The lyrics of On An Island mostly reflect positive aspects of life..."Life is much more than money buys when I see the faith in my children's eyes." Perhaps this album is Gilmour's way of moving beyond the negative satire of some of Pink Floyd's older pieces - Recall... "Money, is a hit... Don't give me that do goody good bulls..t, I'm in the high-fidelity first class traveling set, And I think I need a lear jet.....don't take a share of my pie"

Regardless of the influences, Gilmour seems to be in a great place in his life, and this is reflected in his music. For me, I don't need the pessimistic point of view, and, IMHO, this CD would not be as good with it.
Seems like a very good record on a few spins much more enjoyable than anything released from either camps since Waters left Floyd.

I don't see Money as a negative satire at all-I've always thought there was an intentional hint of hypocrisy aimed at himself on that.
Floyd would never have had the success they had if Water's writing was purely "pessimistic and angry", there's a lot of missed humour in Waters work.
Listen to the commentary of The Wall DVD to hear another side of him.

I have typically enjoyed the humor and satire of Water's works. Note that I did not use the word "purely", rather I used the word "some" regarding the negative satire of Floyd. Having said that, Waters lyrics have tended to point out the negative aspects of modern life, often in a satirical manner. Consider his album Amused to Death, which is replete with cynical views the human condition. I didn't intend my comments to be a critism of Waters, rather it is an observation.

Odd man out-but I didn't think it was anything to write home about. Great to hear from him again after 22 years but just not my cup of tea this time around. I bought both of his other solo records when they were released & really enjoyed them. maybe next time...
I agree Pehare, I was disappointed, recording wasn't that great either but I'll give it another shot...
I don't think I disagree with anything you've wrote there.

Perhaps what I was trying to say that your observations whilst correct only take in a certain aspect on how Waters writing worked and in comparison to Gilmour's lyrics (and his wifes)they are clearly on another level.

For me Floyd's magic works on several levels and I don't see Waters writing as pessimistic at all, merely true.

I like the mood of Gilmour's album by the way.
While I enjoy certain aspects of this new album (and I'm a big Floyd fan BTW - pre AND post Waters) it is a little too mellow for me. It's like a qualude with a shot of brandy. Perhaps some of you have heard this record multiple times because you fell asleep half-way through and had to hear it again to remeber it? :-)

Seriously, in the right time, place and frame of mind it is an enjoyable CD. Not one you'll be spinning at your next party though!
I listened to this after I bought this weekend. I was disappointed, too somber. I followed up listening to Donald Fagen's Morph The Cat - this was much more my liking.
I have some friends that told me about this CD a couple of weeks ago because they want to listen to it on my system, so I brought it home and listened to the whole thing with a clear head... I didn't enjoy it. Athough "I think" it is a well recorded and well produced CD (What would you expect with Phil Manzanera on the production team),I once again realized that (at least for me) you must or have to be in the right mood or frame of mind to thorougly enjoy this recording or anything Pinkfloyd....So, this evening I decided to relax and cop a good buzz with my favorite beverage and listen... I think my friends and I are gona get right and spin this at my next party this weekend.
Bought it, sorry I did. Very disappointing. I tried to think of something good to say about it as I'm a huge PF fan, but Dave ripped us off with this one. Might be time to hang it up?
Sounds like what he did in the 80's.. Same as it ever was,you think he may venture toward a new window. Ben Harper is an artist willing to take multiple chances even on the same recording. This guy is varied and very tallented, always a pleasant suprise of lyric and sonics.Tom
Is it just me or do others think some parts sound like Allen Parsons(on the vocals)?
My wife surprised me with tickets to go to the Kodak Theater in Hollywood on Weds. I had no idea who we were going to see until we got past the door, about to the concession barrel of beer and BOOM!! The concert had just kicked off. I was in shock to say the least! I love Gilmour. They played the whole album the first set. I guess I've been a little too wrapped up in work, kids sports etc..but I didn't know he had another cd out till this week. It sounded awesome there to say the least! When we got home I downloaded it...only like a few of the songs at home though. A little boring if you can't watch him live I guess. The older stuff still KICKS ASS!!
Not heard it, won't be hearing it. He should stick to the stuff he does best, old floyd songs.