New Dark Side LP

Just got mine today. Sounds great. Best sounding album I own. I don't own the original any more, but I don't remember it sounding this good.
I just dug out my original copy from 30 years ago. I hadn't played it in almost 25 years. Since that time, my system has changed quite drastically. I last played this album on a Dual turntable with an Onkyo receiver thru JBL 3-way speakers. Please use the link for my current settup:

25 years later...WOW, DSOTM sounds killer on high-end gear!! I'll post my impressions comparing the new 30th anniversary edition to the original.
This is now the THIRD thread relating to the 30th Anniversary Reissue. Perhaps we should consolidate.
If we are consolidating this subject, can anyone commnent on the new LP vs the new SACD? Or should I start a FORTH thread on "DSOTM LP vs SACD"?

Your answers might take the analogue vs digital debate to a new level and will help me decide if I need a new turntable in addition to my SCD-1.