New Damper material

While I was getting ready to cook some pork chops tonight I happened to wonder at the energy absorbing abilities of the raw pork. I whacked on the pork a few times and noticed that an awful lot of the energy was absorbed. So, just for giggles, I set the pork (bone out) under the Levinsons cd-players feet (sticking the pork in baggies so as to not mess up my dinner). The pork was one inch thick cut and trimmed into 2" circles.

Damn if it didn't make a big difference! It seems that raw meat, at least pork at this point, has a hell of an ability to dampen and absorb vibration. The sound was fuller and, dare I say it, jucier, with the mid bass having a solid meaty quality to it.

At the end of the test I went ahead and cooked my new vibration dampers. Then I tried them again. They don't work nearly as well cooked. It seems that raw is the best way to use meat-based footers. I may later test to see the results of using meat tenderiser.

I will report on further experiments involving beef and chicken. This could revolutionize the high-end accessory business. One could make repeat sales by marketing both the sound and taste of the vibration dampers!
This is the wierdest forum thread i have ever read. The possibilitys for me to have fun with this one are limitless.

I think i better use some restraint.
I made the mistake of trying imported British beef. Now my cd-player has mad bit disease.
This will surely put Rives and Echobusters, etc.. out of business if used properly for room treatment. Precision computer controlled pyramid shaped prior to cryogenic treatment for diffusion. For absorption make sure the meat is beatened, but not battered, fill meat in framed box and cover with choice of fabric (Walmart has burlap @ 3.79/yd). For bass traps, grind meat (preferably in long string shapes), then wrap it around cylindrical shaped mesh wire. Again, use cover fabric of choice, the more porous the better. Lastly, remember to use prime, grade A meat for behind listening area. Forget foam and Owens-Corning's fiberglass. Yes, both the 703 and 705-FRK were rendered ineffective by comparison done on ModeCalc.