new dacs

Some new dacs have hit the market under $1500. I will probably buy a Bel Canto DAC-2 or the Musical Fidelity A3-24. I might also look at the new Birdland dac which is also 24/192. Anyone had a chance to a/b the BC against the MF? How about the new Birdland? Any other dacs I should consider in that range? Thanks
Used EVS Millenium DAC 2's are worth seeking out. THey're only one year old (24/96 upsampling), but Ric Schultz decided to stop making them to focus on single box player mods. ( They're excellent, but may be hard to find these days. They retailed for $1050(?) manufacturer direct and I have seen them listed on Audiogon occasionally. The original Millenium DAC was also supposed to be great, but they didn't upsample. Assemblage DACs were also supposed to be very good, so you should look for those used too.
Does anyone know of any online reviews of BC DAC-2 or MF A3-24?