New DAC vs Streamer/DAC

I am contemplating upgrading my modest digital front end. Currently using an older MacbookAir to stream Qobuz via wifi. Then usb out to AQ Dragonfly(original model) to the line input of my preamp. (For those interested, the rest of setup is an Odyssey Tempest preamp and Stratos amp, Symphonic Line Legato speakers, and REL SHO s/5 subwoofer. Analog is new Rega P6, Dynavector 10x5 and Simm Audio 110LP v2. CD player is an Ah Tjoeb 4000 player purchased from Upscale Audio 18-19 years ago.) I have no interest in ripping my CDs and I also don't have any downloaded music files. So the question I guess is what would provide a significant improvement  in sound quality for the limited task of streaming Qobuz? I do not have a local network of files that I need to access as so many do. My local dealer has recommended the Node 2i as replacement for the MacBookAir and AQ dragonfly. Certainly an improvement in ergonomics being able to choose music from iPhone or iPad sitting on the couch. But I wonder if spending $500-1000 on a new DAC to replace the modest Dragonfly would provide better bang for the buck? The dealer has said he will bring a Node2 out to the house so we can do a side by side comparison. Maybe a standalone DAC as well. I suppose that is the place to start. I would appreciate any thoughts about what might provide an audible improvement to the MBA/Dragonfly combo for under $1000.
Thanks in advance.
doing the home demo is the way to go. if you hear a difference and like the difference then you'll be able to decide if it's worth it to you.
This will accomplish what you are looking for in the price range you are willing to go.  Though not released quite yet there are already several reviews.
see if you can find a pre owned Auralic Aries with LPS or look at Auralic Mini.

taking the mac book out of the chain is a good move.
I put a LUMIN D1 in my system 4 years ago and I have not looked back. I get automatic upgrades from LUMIN - this included MQA when it came out on Tidal. My LUMIN D1 cost $2,000 when I bought it. It interfaces well via my I pad mini. Tidal music files are great - the MQA files are amazing - it has been trouble free. You need to feed via an Ethernet cable, and I can feed out to both of my systems in the house ( balanced and unbalanced). This eliminated the need for my turntable and CD player in my system. I run Magnepans (1.7s with the bass panel) that are bi amped via Krell and Ampzilla. I am hearing stuff that I have never heard before. Great soundstage, great high end, great resolution. Buy a LUMIN - they have great support and the unit is bulletproof.