New DAC or Upgrade exisiting CD Player

Hello Audiogon beautiful people...
I have a 2 years old CEC TL-5100Z CD player connected to my MSB DAC (original version), my question is :Do I need to upgrade my MSB DAC to 192 or upgrade my CD player instead.

Your help or advise is needed....THANKS
You can always get the DAC modded.
It'd probably make a bigger difference than the upsampling.
Or get the apgraged power supply.
Or both...

In my view upgrade the DAC. The improvements you will get will be greater than if you upgrade the transport only. I'm not saying that there could not be improvements by upgrading your transport, but greater immedaite gains will be acheived by upgrading your DAC. Good luck,
If your CEC is one of the belt drive models, keep it. I have tried a stock original MSB dac and I think that an unmodified ART DI/O which can be had for $130 plus another $25 for an upgraded power supply is much better. Let the DI/O burn in for awhile and leave the tube in it if you don't get it modified, before making any judgements.
thanks for your advise beautiful people, I will do your advise Joe b,
Suggest you go to This is a website dedicated to information about the Art DI/O. Good luck and enjoy.