New DAC or New Streamer or New Streamer/DAC

Curious what people would think is the biggest bang for the buck?

1)  Auralic Aries G1 Streamer with current Pass Labs D1 DAC (Aries would replace current Auralic Aries mini)
2)  Lumin T2
3)  Auralic Aries mini (I have this now) and Denafrips Terminator

All thoughts welcome.  Thanks

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I have the T2 and it is really good. Using Roon also, I have never had any issues with the network. It is always ready to go and works great. I have tried it streaming in to the Marantz SA-10 and there is a slight improvement in some areas with that combo over the T2 only, though the T2 is really good at creating a 3-dimensional soundstage.  I have been wondering how the U1 mini might compare against the T2 for streaming only, perhaps someone like @audiotroy can weigh in.