New DAC or New Player??

My Sony DVP-S9000ES will not play hybrid SACD discs in SACD mode anymore, only the CD layer. It plays everything else fine including SACD only discs. Since almost all SACDs are dual layered today the player effectively does not play SACD anymore. My question is should I give up on SACD and improve my Red Book playback by adding on a Benchmark DAC-1, or would I be better off dumping the Sony and replacing it with a McCormack UDP1, or the Marantz DV9500 universal players?
Mine did exactly the same thing.... Sony USA ES warranty is five (5) years so yours should be covered. Mine arrived back from the Sony ES Service Center in CA today and I will be picking it up tomorrow. ... was 3 1/2 years old when I brough it in 6/27 to local dealer. Repairs made under warranty. .. no charge
Hope it helps.
That's a difficult question to answr because it depends on how much SACD listening you (plan to) do. I have an SCD-1 which I definitely want to keep even though I don't listen to a ton of SACD, and want to improve the redbook of the SCD-1. That's mostly because I think the SCD-1 makes an amazing transport. I've some experience with the DVP 9000 and know that it has some issues with the flimsy tray, so as a transport it may not be the best option. There are mods out there for it, but as you can get one for 650 used, I think putting more money in doesn't make a ton of sense. If you're concerned with redbook play mostly, then get a dedicated cd player, but as you have a dvd player now for your sacd and cd playback, than I think you're probably better off gettin a universal (sim, ayre, linn?) player. So what do you plan to use it for mostly, because without knowing it's hard to say wether an outboard DAC is better or not.
i was in the same boat as you a couple of months ago. i have a good working sony 9000es and use it mainly for cd and sacd playback. i did not like the sound that it was providing from cd playback. sacd playback is very good though. i looked into getting it modified (to tubes). i also look at purchasing a cd only player. in the end, i didn't want to give up sacd playback, and i do like the option of using it as a dvd player. I ended up buying a used $3500 Audio Research DAC for less than a $1000 for cd playback and couldn't be happier.
good luck.
Thank you all for responding. After reading lots of threads I have decided that SACD is over for me. I only have about 10 discs and some of them are hybrid anyway. I am going to get a DAC to maximize the Redbook sound and still have a DVD and SACD player (non hybrid) when I need it. The Sony is a great DVD and I'm not going to buy a universal player when all I really need is a good DAC. So which DAC do I get. I'm leaning towards the Benchmark DAC-1 but what about the BelCanto or a Musical Fidelity used in the classifieds? Any opinions are welcome.
Sony DVPS-7000 for transport (150) and California Audio Labs Alpha DAC..about 350 to 600 depending on the model and if it has original box, upgraded tubes, et al.

Audio Note DAC 1.x II Signature is a great unit, too. You would want the full sized chassis which is the current model range (II). These DACs only get better as you go up the product range.